IC photos always look ugly

I changed my name legally recently. Most of you already know.

For that, I had to get a new IC and I quite dreaded it because IC photos always look ugly.

For that matter, those photos you have to take for your IC, passport, job application, etc, always turn out, at best, laughable.

You know it does. That’s why people are always shy to show their ICs and that’s why people always laugh at their friends when they finally manage to steal their ICs when no one’s looking.

Anyway, the good news is that the days of ugly IC photos are over if you own a digital camera and can take your own photo instead of having to rely on photo studio assistants who tell you to smile and then click the camera before your smile is fully ripe, resulting in a photo with a half-arsed expression on your face.

I had to go to such a studio because I lost my digital camera, remember? It cost me $9 for six pieces and I ended up not using them because my fringe was covering my eyebrows.

And I thought people who take your money for IC photo services are supposed to warn you about such things before taking your photo. Especially if they charge you $9.

But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise after all, because since I can’t use those photos, my IC doesn’t look half arsed now, and I don’t have to feel guilty about wasting $9 because it’s not my fault.

I decided to borrow a digital camera.

And I managed to submit a photo that is not too half-arsed except for the kooky 表妹 hair. Well, I have no choice. I have to show off my freshly-threaded brows.

You won’t believe where I took this photo.

I needed a white background, see. ICA regulations. I was at Bugis Junction with my friends and they were supposed to take the picture for me.

But it was night and the whole damn building did not have a white background.

And then, the Goonfather got one of his screwed-up brilliant ideas and brought us to this shop with lots of Neoprint machines. There, we found a machine with a big white, glowy background.

Not exactly what the doctor ordered, but that was the best we could find.

Four of us crowded into the machine and the Goonfather took four shots. I wanted to take more for vanity’s sake, but Elyxia the scout told us that there was a group of impatient teenagers outside waiting to use the machine so we’d better hurry because we weren’t exactly legal.

And the Goonfather, whose brilliant idea it was in the first place, and who usually has careless regard for rules, refused to take more and herded us out of the shop.

Well, I ended up having to edit the background to pure white, anyway, because I didn’t think ICA would be impressed with glowy.

But what’s important is that the photo was accepted so, yay, I have my new IC.

Such trouble over nothing.