Do I look Korean to you?

One of the first things you’ll notice about Korean youngsters is that they like to wear huge, geeky black-framed glasses. You can’t miss seeing them everywhere you go. I think they look very cute!

So I decided to try on a pair.


Giant sunglasses


Oops! Wrong one.


This one, actually. =P

Korean black frame spectacles


I tried them on for fun because my friends were in the spectacle shop buying real glasses. I mean, as in, for optical use.

Elyxia, Wang Wang and Nanny Wen all bought a pair of prescription glasses each. I’m the only one who doesn’t need glasses but I couldn’t resist buying a pair. I was just wearing them for laughs when I realised that I quite like them!


Korean black frame spectacles


Korean black frame spectacles


I’m really impressed by the level of service in Korea. I bought this pair of glasses and two pairs of cheap sunglasses costing about S$85 in total. I thought I was just gonna pay for them and be done with it.

But this guy made me sit down and then he put the glasses on me one by one, then took them off me now and then to run off to adjust them or something. He spent, like, 10-15 minutes on me. I’ve never had any retailer care whether the cheap sunglasses they’re selling me fit me nicely or not!


Korean black frame spectacles


Above pic. I was laughing because he had just taken the specs off me and it had gotten caught on my hair pin momentarily. He was so apologetic about it, and it wasn’t the first time that had happened, so he was always apologising profusely, which made me rather embarrassed, therefore the laugh.

He’s really sweet, though.

All Koreans are really sweet!


Korean black frame spectacles


So, do I look Korean in geeky Korean specs?


If not, how about this:

Sheylara in hanbok


There’s this Korean period musical called Miso, in Chongdong Theatre. They have an area where visitors can pay KRW5,000 (S$5.70) to put on a costume and take photos.

They don’t have a good selection of hanboks, though. These were the nicest we found.


Sheylara in hanbok


Not the prettiest but good enough, I guess.


Nanny Wen being a photographer in costume, lol.

Nanny Wen in hanbok


Sheylara in hanbok


Sheylara in hanbok


Okay, I don’t think I look very Korean in a hanbok.

Korean women are so beautiful. Most of them have fair, smooth, radiant skin and pretty, demure features. So envious! They’re very well-dressed, too.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of photos of them. It’s a bit hard to take random photos of people in the streets. They walk so fast!

Anyway, I’m having fun so far. Three more days to enjoy Korea before I return home!