Free hamsters that cost me $120

Wanted to blog about Christmas celebrations but was out all day today, so I think I’ll leave that for tomorrow because it’s late now and there are too many pictures to process.

Here’s a bit of irrelevant news for now.

Two days ago, the Goonfather and I went to his sister’s place for Christmas dinner and discovered that his niece and nephew had bought three Roborovski hamsters between them.

They’re so cute! And I kinda commented casually that I wanted hamsters, too (although I don’t really really want them, even if they’re cute, because pets are such a huge responsibility).

Later, we found out that the Goonfather’s sister was going to buy a new dog and the seller wanted to give her more hamsters for free.

So, it ends up that she’s going to take the free hamsters and give them to us.


I didn’t decline the offer because — ZOMG — how could I resist baby dwarf hamsters???

Free somemore leh!!

We’re picking them up tomorrow!

So, today, the Goonfather took me shopping for hamster housing and necessities.

TMD LAH. Ends up my free hamsters cost me a total of $120 for initial set up.

But, never mind. I’m really excited! Especially since I just spent $120 buying cool stuff to welcome my new pets.

I’ve set up a corner for them in my room!

I even bought them a bathroom, a toilet and a sleeping cot! (But turns out I couldn’t fit everything into the house.)

The house is called Pink Princess Castle. SO SWEET RIGHT??!?!?!!

Even though it looks nothing like a castle, and I don’t even know what sex my hamsters will be, I had to buy it because the name is so cute lah. I’m a total sucker for marketing.

I can’t wait to see my hamsters! I bought yummy snacks for them!

Well, I hope my hamsters will find them yummy.