Master Chief gets dressed on the bus

In the media business, a bus often doubles up as a dressing room for actors and models, particularly if there aren’t any toilets nearby, or if the cast is supposed to be kept out of public view until the performance.

Such as in this situation.

Master Chief is not supposed to show his face (without his mask on) in public so he has to get dressed on the bus!

We’re gathered on a bus this day to spring another of our Halo 3 launch events on an unsuspecting shopping mall public.

Between performances, the marines wait in the bus restlessly.

Some of us take the opportunity to camwhore.

And to take illicit pictures of Master Chief getting dressed by the stylist.

Of course, Master Chief, being Master Chief, didn’t take very long to notice such illicit spying activities aimed at his eminent self.

In response, Master Chief obliged us with a fearsome pose!

How magnanimous!

And that’s all for illicit bus activities today.

I don’t have pictures of the event itself since I can’t very well be taking pictures while I’m at work pretending to be a UNSC Marine stationed in a shopping mall to recruit brave humans to help save the world from invading aliens.

But you can view event pictures here.

Gearing up for Halo 3

Once in a while, a fun acting job comes along. It’s a frivolous sort of acting job really, but, hey, a job’s a job.

Microsoft is launching Halo 3 for the Xbox 360 on September 25th. As part of an ongoing publicity campaign that started in early August, 15 actors were engaged to appear as Halo 3 characters at roadshows during the weekends leading up to the launch.

I’m a marine officer and this is my costume.


It’s not exactly a brilliant costume and my friends have complained that it looks nothing like anything you’d see in Halo. But I guess I’m quite okay with it. As you all know, I like wearing weirdass stuff anyway.

This was on the day of our first roadshow. Three of us girls were waiting at this back passageway in Cineleisure for the show to start. Two other girls were doing last-minute shopping somewhere in Orchard Road because they had failed to acquire fish net stockings beforehand, as we’d been instructed to do.

So, three girls stuck in a grungy space with nothing to do means camwhoring time.

When we were finally allowed to get out of this claustrophobic passageway to get ready for showtime, we were reunited with the rest of the cast and crew. The stylist took one look at us girls and promptly had a conniption.

“Aiyoh!!” he fussed, “Girls, your hair is all wrong! Sticking out here and there! You are officers ok!! Please tuck all your hair into your beret and behind your ears! No fringe, no hair in face!”

I suppose he had a point. We should all look like clones.

I still prefer my fringe and side ponytails.

But I guess this isn’t too bad.

The only bad thing about this is that it gives me very severe flattened hat hair after a few hours.

Actually, this isn’t even an acting job.

The guys get to act because they’ve got a little skit to perform.

[Rehearsal picture]

The girls are there merely to give out Halo freebies and sweet-talk people into giving Microsoft their names and email addresses so they can enjoy being recipients of Xbox e-mail updates.

Which is quite disappointing.

But it’s fun, all the same, to be part of this action. I think it’s really quite cool and game publishers should do this kinda events more often so I get to have this kinda fun more often.

Check this out: Master Chief costume!

The actor playing Master Chief is the only guy who gets a genuine Halo 3 costume. I guess this costume kinda saves the event from being a laughing stock, in terms of costumes.

It took them about 20 minutes to get him into his armour the first time because there were so many pieces to figure out and strap on.

We took the opportunity to camwhore with Master Chief during the rehearsal.

This was when our toy guns hadn’t been painted black yet.

Well, I think the first event went pretty smoothly. Check out the event report from Games Xtreme League.

The next event will be held this Saturday at Funan the IT Mall (2 pm) and Bishan Junction 8 (5 pm). Click here for more details on the Halo 3 campaign.