Hair’s my latest look

I’m back!! Hardly a surprising event for those of you used to my appearing and disappearing over the years, coming and going as I please, as if my blog were a hotel, lol. Some people are just that rude!

But I do have a surprise. Well, just a tiny one. Which you probably already noticed way before you read these words, because of this photo right here.


Sheylara with short hair
Aaaaaah! What have you done! I imagine some of you saying.


I cut my hair! In fact, this photo was taken four months and a bit ago, on the day I cut my hair short. But this is the first time I’ve put my photo online since then (because I just haven’t felt like it).

Well, not that a hair cut is a big deal or anything. But it’s something to blog about if you don’t do anything else in your life except play games and read books all day long. (Which I don’t. Honest.)

I got tired of hair on the carpet and hair in the shower plughole. If you have super long hair, cream coloured carpet will look positively frightening only three or four days after you’ve hoovered the whole place and told yourself you don’t ever want to touch the hoover again for the rest of your life, but you have to because hair.

In fact, I wanted to cut it even shorter but Piers wouldn’t let me, so this was kind of a compromise.


Cutting your hair short comic
Cutting your hair could be a good or bad thing. Who knows?


It took me only three or four days to realise that nothing changed from that hair cut. My head still rained hair on the carpets and plugholes, and I still have to break out the hoover more often than I would like.

So, that was all a big waste of energy. Plus the short hair ends tickle my neck.

Still, a change every so often is probably good. Not that my hair can ever change much, being literally the most stubborn hair on the planet. All it ever wants to do is be straight and limp. And stylists who have to get me ready for a shoot hate my hair. That ought to tell you something.

Well, like I said, it’s been four months and a bit, so it’s longer now, straighter and limper than ever.


Slightly longer short hair
This is slightly longer short hair still trying to poke everywhere and tickle my neck


Okay, I don’t really know why this post became a whole post about my stupid hair. I only meant to say I’m back blogging (do I miss it ever so much) and here’s my new short hair and happy new year, you know?

So, like, I have A ZILLION THINGS to blog about, having not blogged for so long, you would think, and the first thing I do is whine about my hair. Right?

Next you know I’ll be blogging about handbags.

Women, tsk.


Why I haven’t camwhored in ages

Every so often, I get mighty sick of the way I look. It’s the same stupid hair, same stupid face, same stupid smile.


Even when I try to make faces so that it’s not the same stupid smile, it’s the same stupid face.

If I snap 100 photos of myself, I’ll delete 99 because they all bore me.

I think it’s mostly the damned hair.

I cut it barely two months ago and now it’s horribly overgrown again with that stupid boring heavy rebonded look!!


I think rebonding is going out of fashion. Which is a tragedy because I’m stuck with “rebonded” hair for life and people are going to think that I’m outdated!! Argh.

I feel like going for one of those hair show competitions as a hair model and see where fate takes my hair.

I remember my cousin, Monster, said to me before, “Whatever you do, don’t get a pixie hair cut!”

But that’s exactly what I’m very tempted to do now.

Once upon a time, I had this funky hairdo.


Well, it was only for a day. It was set and teased for hours at a hair salon for a photo shoot.

A couple of hours later, it went back to this shape:


Maybe a pixie cut would be better cos there’ll be less hair to weigh itself down, so styling might last longer.

Sigh! Decisions!

I will make one eventually, though. So… prepare to see a drastic change in me in the next couple of months. Heh.