The Goonfather tries to pull a fast one

Recently, the Goonfather came to me and said, “Hey! How come you have a guest blogger on your blog?!”

“What’s wrong with that?” I asked.

“I also want to be a guest blogger!” he said.

“You don’t even like to blog!!” I said.

(He actually started a blog last year and lost steam after three posts.)

“But I want to guest blog for you!” he insisted.

“Fine, write me some posts and I’ll publish them,” I told him.

“Okay!” he said happily.

Today, he MSN’ed me.

“I’m writing a guest blog for you!”


“It’s called ‘The Effects of Globalisation: India’.”


Ten minutes later, he sent me a word document. I opened it and there was a very academic 700-word essay staring at me.

I MSN’ed him back.

“You send me GP essay for my blog for what?!?”

“Haha… no lah. It’s for you to read during your spare time.”

“Why would I want to read an essay about globalising India?”

“Because it’s my work of art.”

“Stupid lah. Don’t send me your homework and pretend pretend. You just want free editing and proofreading services right?”

Needless to say, The Goonfather isn’t going to be a guest blogger here any time soon.