How old are you?

I don’t get some people. Now, it’s normal for people to ask other people their ages. But there are some stupid people who, after you politely decline to reveal it, just keep asking and asking as if they never heard you. And then they start trying to guess, even though you never asked them to.

Stupid Person: So, how old are you?
Me: I don’t reveal my age.
SP: Hmm… you look like you’re 20.
Me: Really.
SP: So you’re 20?
Me: I don’t reveal my age.
SP: Hmm… let me guess…
Me: *raise eyebrow at stupid person*
SP: 21?
Me: I’m not telling.
SP: 22?
Me: No.
SP: 23?
Me: No.
SP: Higher or lower?
Me: I’m not telling.
SP: 24?
Me: *roll eyes*
SP: 25?
Me: Stop guessing.
SP: 26?
Me: Like I’m going to tell you even if you guess right.
SP: 27?
Me: Why is it so important for you to know my age?
SP: I just want to know.
Me: For what?
SP: Tell me lah.

So, what is the big deal about age? I used to tell everyone my age because I didn’t think it’s anything worth hiding. It’s just a stupid number.

But then, I got a lot of people making big, big hooha when I reveal it. In the beginning, it was very amusing. But after years of going through the same routine, it got really stale. So I decided one day that I’m never ever gonna reveal my age to anyone unless it’s for filling out a form.

And then people make a big hooha over my not telling, too.

It’s enough to make a person anti-social.

I think every age-obssessed person should get a hobby. Get passionate over something more meaningful, like playing computer games. I have a great game to recommend. It’s called EverQuest II. When you get in there, you can do more than ask people, “How old are you?”

You can ask, “Are you male or female (in real life)?” Chances are 50-50 that you guess right the first time, which then leaves you more time to do other more important things in life.