The Goonfather forced a $400 present on me

The Goonfather has done it again. He has started another expensive hobby within our group.

Club Morte

It started with him being jealous of me going jogging at the beach weekend mornings. He wanted to go with me because he loves the beach.

But he doesn’t like jogging. So he decided that he would cycle, instead.

Within a fortnight, he went and bought a bicycle which he claimed cost him $150 but I suspect is probably more like $1,000. And that’s not including several hundred dollars in vanity parts.

The Goonfather's bike

But it’s a good thing. We go to the beach together, do our separate thing, then meet up for breakfast an hour later. Great way to spend a Saturday morning!

Next thing you know, everyone in our group wants to cycle, too.

Except me. I hate cycling.

The Goonfather tried to tempt me by showing me pictures of pink bikes.

Potential Sheylara bike

I like the idea of owning a pink bike, but I won’t ride it! I just don’t like cycling.

Then he tried to tempt me into going back to inline skating.

I used to love inline skating but I don’t have skates anymore and I have no interest in spending $400 on a pair of good skates at this point of time in my life.

Plus, the type of skating I like to do is health hazardous, which is not a good idea.

Aggressive inline skating
Photo by mordoc.

Desperate for me to buy skates for some reason I can’t comprehend, the Goonfather even offered to pay for my skates.

He visited bike and skate shops a lot that week, and each time he came home, he would excitedly show me his new bike vanity purchase and then tell me about a cute pair of skates he saw which he was sure I’d love.

Even then, I wasn’t interested, because I simply don’t have the time or energy to pick up skating again.

“I’ll stick to running, thanks,” I said.


Throughout the week, in Club Morte e-mails, our group discussed cycling, inline skating and beach picnics.

And, just like that, Morte declared, “I’m going to buy a pair of skates this Saturday!”

That was last week, and we all trooped down to East Coast Park to help him shop for a pair.

We ended up with more than we bargained for. On that day, we collectively purchased three pairs of inline skates.

Half of Club Morte

Yes, Kerrendor and I totally succumbed to impulse buying.

I was uninterested until I saw this pristine white pair of skates which had arrived in Singapore only two days before.

Sheylara's skates

When the skate shop guy handed it over to me, he said, “Congratulations! You’re one of the first few in Singapore to own this!”


I am so in love with my new skates!

They are recreational skates so I can’t do health hazardous things with them because they lack the kind of handling needed for aggressive skating. But that’s a good thing, I suppose. I can hear my bones sighing with relief.

Sheylara's skates

I don’t think I’ll have the heart to attempt jumping powerslides on these babies, so my bones are safe for now.

Now, Minou wants to buy skates, too. We’re going shopping this Saturday!

Wang Wang is still undecided whether to skate or cycle, but she’ll decide soon enough. We threatened to make her our Table IC, otherwise.

According to the guys, that means she’d be in charge of looking after our stuff, being our water checkpoints, and preparing picnic supplies.

Wang Wang

I don’t think she’s very keen on fulfilling that role.