Online shopping fail

The other day, I decided to get some supplies from an online Japanese supermarket.

I was wanting to buy some purple sweet potato Kit Kats. You see, I’d been craving purple yam desserts for years because England doesn’t believe in yam, and I thought this Kit Kat could be close enough to do the job.


Purple Sweet Potato Kit Kat


So, I ordered two of those, alongside £75 worth of Japanese groceries to qualify for free shipping.

I also found my favourite peanuts in the world (Kasugai cuttlefish peanuts) in the same shop so I was over the moon.

But never mind that. Here are my Kit Kats:


Very tiny mini Kit Kats!


WOAH. Could they get any bigger??

I guess I should have known better. The product does say “Mini”. And I had actually bought green tea Kit Kat Minis about five years ago.

Still, that was five years ago. I have a bad memory and all the Kit Kats I’ve eaten since have been normal people-sized ones.

Also, the price of the mini Kit Kat is more than 10 times the price of a normal Kit Kat. So you could perhaps excuse my mind for thinking I would get something a tad bigger.

Anyway, caveat emptor and all that. I’m not really complaining, just terrified that Piers will scold me now that he knows what those Kit Kats cost. :O

They were very tasty but did not satisfy my yam craving because they are kind of different.

Then, there was the matcha.


Marukyu Koyamaen Wako Premium Stone Ground Matcha Green Tea Powder


I’d never bought matcha before so I chose this one based on the fact that the packaging is very pretty and it’s the most expensive one in the shop.

(I was worried the cheaper ones would taste gross.)

(And I really do like the packaging.)

Well, here’s my pretty matcha.


Very expensive, almost invisible, matcha


:O :O :O

I had expected it to be maybe three or four times bigger??

Yes, the weight is listed on the product page but who can tell off the top of their heads how much physical space 20 grams of powder takes up?

More importantly, I tend to ignore measurements when online shopping. Who has time to scrutinise everything?

Okay, I just did a Google search and my matcha doesn’t seem very expensive anymore. From what I can tell, matcha prices range from £1 to £20 per 10 grams.

But it was still rather shocking.

Anyway, one more item.

The great Daikon radish, otherwise known as mooli in England. It’s so very tasty in stews and soups because it soaks up all the wonderful flavour and explodes-melts in your mouth (but you have to cook it long enough).


Daikon radish aka mooli


Now, I’ve never bought one in Singapore (I didn’t cook back then) and UK supermarkets generally don’t stock it. So my only experience with it has been eating the final product all diced up and cooked.

I had accidentally found it for sale in Ocado last year, but only managed to buy two before it was gone from the virtual shelves. I’m not sure if it’s because no one buys it or because it went out of season.

After it disappeared, I would check every so often while doing my weekly grocery shop, but it never came back.

(Hey, I just now did a quick check and it’s back! Ocado has mooli again! They actually just stocked it because the last time I checked was a week ago.)

So, anyway, I bought this Japanese mooli even though it cost £4.99. I thought it was really expensive, expecting it to be the size of the one from Ocado (about twice the size of an average carrot), which had cost £0.70.

I bought it anyway, visions of exquisite braised beef with Daikon radish soaking in savoury sauce filling my head.

And, of course, the Daikon radish turned out to be gigantic.


Daikon radish vs regular carrot


I photographed it with an average-sized carrot to offer some scale.

You might think the size of it is a good thing but at the very moment I was fishing it out of the delivery box, I was thinking, “Oh, my God, what have I done?”

What in the world was I going to do with a giant vegetable? Much as I love it, I didn’t really want to be eating it every day for a week.

Yes, I should probably have been clued in by the weight listed on the product page. But again, who goes around knowing what a carrot weighs?

Anyway, we managed to finish it in three weeks. It kept surprisingly well in the fridge even with bits chopped off it, so that was a good ending.

Well, as you can tell from reading this post, I haven’t got time for anything most of the time, so gotta go, no time to waste! Until next time!



Sheylara in the shower


For a limited time only, I’m letting my readers, YOU, peek into my shower room. And at me showering. I mean pretending to be showering.

Here! Video of me singing in the shower.

While I was painstakingly editing the video, the Goonfather glanced at it and said, “Woah!! Toilet Idol! Wahahahaa!”


Sometimes you just want to bash his head in.

The song in the video is a sad one because I’m better at singing sad songs.

It doesn’t mean I’m sad. It means I’m happy because singing makes me happy.

Singing in the shower, especially, makes me happy because I think I sound better in the shower.

Not that I claim to be a good singer, but you can be a bad singer and still sound better in the shower. Many people also think the same, I believe.

Which is why Dove is organising a shower singing competition in conjunction with the launch of its new body wash product, the Dove Go Fresh!

The competition is really cool. An actual shower stall with a karaoke system will be built in VivoCity and participants will get to sing inside it! The performances will be filmed and uploaded to the Dove ShowerOK website for voting.

I encourage everyone to take part! It will be so much fun! Let me know if you do, okay? Give me a chance to vote for you instead of me always asking for votes!

While you’re at it, you may want to try the new Dove Go Fresh body wash.

The Grapefruit & Lemongrass, which I’m using, is so refreshing and fragrant! It feels good, too, with a very subtle hint of moisturiser to make your skin smooth and supple afterwards.

Okay, I’m beginning to sound like a commercial, so I’d better post another photo to distract you.


Oh dear. That looks like a commercial, too.

Well, how do you pose with a toiletry product in the bathroom without it looking like an advertisement?

I don’t know.

But I have tons and tons of such advertisement-looking photos because I had so much fun camwhoring in the shower and getting my camera all wet and soapy.

I’m hoping my camera will malfunction. Then I can make the Goonfather buy me a new camera for my birthday. Heehee! (Yes, he hasn’t gotten me a birthday present cos I couldn’t think of anything I wanted and asked him to KIV first. Haha.)

The Cucumber & Green Tea body wash is nice, too, but I can only use one at a time, so I’ll use it the next time round.

I probably won’t get the Freshmint & Waterlilly. It’s clean and tingly but not for me.

I prefer citrus flavours!




Unfortunately, my camera is super stubborn and refuses to malfuction. I’ve dropped it (very violently) a zillion times but it still works perfectly fine.

Even after giving it a shower with the Dove Go Fresh, it’s still working!!

Stupid camera.

It still takes very good camwhore photos.

Videos, too. The video above was shot by this same stupid camera.

Well, whatever. I need to go take another shower. I can’t get enough of the fragrance of my Grapefruit & Lemongrass. Really!

Oh, if you’re the shy sort and aren’t gonna take part in the ShowerOK, you can be a peep… I mean spectator.

The ShowerOK is happening from July 31 to August 8, 2008 at VivoCity. Ongoing daily from 12 pm to 8 pm.

See you there!