I saw Kelly Chen at VivoCity

I was at Golden Village VivoCity last night, just sitting at the wall sofa with my friends while we waited for our movie.

Suddenly, Wang Wang said, “Isn’t that Kelly Chen?”

I turned and looked.

“Yup,” I said.

Wang Wang said, “She’s so tall! And her eyes are so big!”

“Yeah,” I had to agree. “She’s very very pretty in real life.”

We sat there and watched as Hong Kong celebrity Kelly Chen, surrounded by security guards and minders, walked past us.

The cinema was quite empty at the time, so she only collected a small mob by the time she reached the other end of the foyer.

I’m not into chasing celebrities and I’m not a Kelly Chen fan, either, so I just sat there at first. But then I suddenly remembered that I have unwittingly turned myself into a pseudo-journalist with this blog, and that I have a duty to my readers, some of whom might be Kelly Chen fans.

So I sprung out of my seat and raced after Kelly Chen and her entourage.

She had to stop for a bit because her 15 or so fans were demanding autographs. I don’t know where they got it from, but they had posters of her latest movie, An Empress and The Warriors.

It was almost impossible to take a photo of her because everyone was stuffing posters in her face.

One of her minders kept yelling out in a strict voice, “Put it lower, put it lower!”

After a while, they finally did lower the posters and I managed to get a couple pictures.

[Kelly Chen mobbed by fans]

[Kelly Chen mobbed by fans]

[Kelly Chen mobbed by fans]

Haha… she looks like she’s getting strangled by her fans.

That was all I managed to photograph before her minders pulled her away from the mob into Cinema 1.

Okay, side story!

I have been likened to Kelly Chen several times in the past, at different periods of my life when I sported a certain hairstyle.

In fact, every time I change my hairstyle, someone will comment that I look like a different celebrity or famous person. It’s damn weird lah. As if my face is plastacine.

Anyway, I used to not like it when people told me I look like Kelly Chen. I didn’t think she was that pretty. I prefer other kinds of pretty, like sweetie-pie Vivian Hsu, with big round anime eyes.

[Vivan Hsu]

I know she used to be a porn actress but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, I have to agree that I did look like Kelly Chen from some angles. But I know she’s much prettier than me, so don’t rub it in. Haha.

Here, I dug up a few photos. These were taken about four years ago when I had the Kelly Chen hairstyle.




Kelly Chen is mesmerising in real life. Maybe it’s that celebrity aura that most celebrities have. She sort of floated along like a goddess, standing a head taller than all the people guarding her, her face glowing.

She never smiled. Her expression was like you see in the photos the whole time.

It looks kinda cool, so I’m going to practise that.

Anyone wants to play at being my entourage and come and mob me some time so I can practise my goddess walk? Haha.

Golden Village customer service… bleah

On Monday night, I was at Golden Village VivoCity to watch Ocean’s Thirteen with my friends.

The Goonfather surprised me with these!

Super cute Mario mushroom bedroom slippers! I was surprised when he turned up with these after disappearing for 10 minutes.

But I wasn’t surprised when I left my present behind at the cinema. I had placed the paper bag under my seat and then forgot about it by the time the movie ended around midnight.

I only realised it when I got home.


So, the next day, I wanted to call GV VivoCity to ask if they have a Lost and Found service. Couldn’t find a phone number. There was only GV’s head office’s number, so I rang that. I kept getting some stupid machine instead of a person, so I emailed them to request for GV VC’s number, stating my problem.

By Wednesday evening, still no reply, so the Goonfather took me back to GV VC to find my lost bedroom slippers. We found the Lost and Found guy, who leafed through his book and made some calls. Five minutes later, he told us that nobody returned the slippers.

Gaaaah. Who would want to steal a pair of cheap pinky mushroom bedroom slippers??

I don’t blame GV for my loss since it was totally due to my own forgetfulness.

I’m just miffed that they didn’t reply my email, causing me to make a wasted trip there. It’s been 48 hours since I emailed them and still no reply! How hard is it to just email me a phone number?

It’s unfortunate that I can’t boycott GV because everyone loves GV. So, unless I want to watch movies alone, or totally stop watching movies at the cinema, I’ll have to continue giving them my money. Eeew.