Who the heck eats chocolate with chilli?

Today’s blog is ostensibly about chocolate, but it’s actually just an excuse to camwhore.

You see, one day, the Goonfather rushed home all excited and said to me, “I have something yummy for you! You’ll love it!”

“What what what?” I cried excitedly.


“Eew! What’s that?” I exclaimed.

“Chilli chocoate! It’s yumzzzzzzzz!”

“Gross!!!” I said.

“Just try it lah! I had to smuggle it out of the office!”

It was a leftover bar of chocolate that had arrived from Germany and circulated around his office. He thought I would like it because I love chilli and I love chocolate. And his colleagues all loved it, apparently.

But the thought of mixing chilli with chocolate has never crossed my mind. What a crazy combination.

Still, I had to give it a try.

Slowly, skeptically, I took a bite.

I chewed reflectively.

“Yuck!” I said, delivering the verdict straight to the point.

“It’s dark chocolate. I hate dark chocolate,” I complained.

“I can’t even taste the chilli,” I continued.

“There’s a bit of a spice, but it’s more sour than spicy,” I finished.

The Goonfather called me lousy (again) for not knowing how to appreciate dark chocolate.

I don’t like the taste lor!! Cannot meh?

And, dark chocolate aside, I don’t care whether it’s Lindt or not. Chilli chocolate is weird!