Encounters in Genting Highlands

I didn’t take many photos on our second day of Genting because we kind of hung out at the casino all day and, as you know, photo-taking is not allowed inside.

But we took our first photo of the day outside our hotel room.

Nanny Wen and Sheylara

First World Hotel is a really crappy hotel. Well, okay, it’s clean and all, and it’s a lot better than it was two or three years ago. But it’s really bare and no-frills.

The lift lobby is quite nice, though. From the 23rd storey, we had an amazing view.

Hotel Lift Lobby

What’s baffling was the army of middle-aged Muslim women sitting along the corridors, outside doors, the first day we arrived.

As you can see from the photos, the corridor isn’t very wide.

Sheylara and Nanny Wen

Imagine about three or four well-nourished women sitting outside each door, leaning against the wall. Multiply that by about 20 or 50.

Nanny Wen’s and my room were located right at the end of our neverending corridor. I think there were about 200 rooms just on our corridor alone (and each floor has several corridors).

Why were these women lined up along the corridor of the 23rd storey? The Goonfather said they were having picnics like people have picnics along the corridors in our hospitals.

But they weren’t eating, duh. They didn’t make a lot of noise, either. Just very quiet chatting.

They were there for only a day.

We had complimentary breakfast at First World Hotel Cafe. It’s a HUGE dining hall. About three times the size of a wedding banquet room in Ritz Carlton Singapore.

Sheylara and Nanny Wen

It was really crowded, too, but we managed to find a little corner that was relatively quiet.

The whole place was basically chaotic. There were about seven or eight buffet segments spread out over the entire hall. Some had ready cooked food. Some had chefs cooking, like eggs and french toast.

Every segment had a long queue, especially the cooking ones. It took us like 15 or 20 minutes to get our food and settle down for our remarkably sloppy meal.


We had to check out after breakfast because we were going to stay at Resort Hotel for our second night. But check-out was 12pm while check-in was 3pm. So, we spent some time at Starbucks while waiting for lunch.

Starbucks was the only other place I could get a network connection. (The other place being the spa we went to the first night.)

I worked on my Star Blog assignment while the rest chattered away.

Sheylara working

Resort Hotel is a lot more luxurious than First World Hotel, although not top of the line.

But after First World Hotel, Resort Hotel felt veritably five-star.

Resort Hotel

While First World had Starbucks, Resort had Coffeebean. My Internet needs were met for the whole trip!

I had a bit of a panic on Sunday night, though. Our Star Blog entries are supposed to be due in by Monday, 9 am, every week.

I usually work on it intermittently over the weekend, then on Sunday night, I would do the final edit and send it off before going to bed.

Coffeebean (with its free wireless) closes at 2 am. We returned to our hotel from the casino at 1:15 am. So I had 45 minutes left to do my final edit and send! (Sometimes, if I make changes, my final edit could take me three hours.)

Fortunately, I managed to finish everything with 10 minutes to spare.

Our room in Resort Hotel:

Resort Hotel

Very nice and comfortable room. Too bad we didn’t get to enjoy it much since we were out most of the time.

Nanny Wen being herself:

Nanny Wen

Final photos on final day:

Nanny Wen and Sheylara

Nanny Wen and Sheylara

After breakfast and a bit of playing at the casino, we checked out and hopped into our car and drove to KL for dinner.

I didn’t take anymore photos for the rest of the day because I was sick of taking photos. Sometimes it happens.

We reached Singapore around 1 am. Tired but happy!

Photos from Genting Highlands!

It’s now 12:30 am. I’m at Pedas Springs, a spa in Genting Highlands.

Pedas Springs

My friends are inside having massages while I’m blogging at the cafe outside. My work is really 24/7 around the clock, around the world!

We planned this trip a couple of months ago. It’s a sort of coming-of-age trip for Nanny Wen cos the last time we came to Genting, she was too young to visit the casino. Now she’s old enough! *sniff*

Nanny Wen with Unker Kell and Wang Wang

Actually, I’m really sleepy now so I’m just going to do a pictorial caption thing. It’s not like you people read my words, anyway!

So. First photo in the car!

Sheylara and Nanny Wen and Wang Wang

Our rented car (a seven-seater but we only have six people):

Rented car

We stopped at Segambut for lunch.

Unker Kell tries to avoid having a photo taken with Morte:

Morte and Unker Kell being silly

No one wants to take photos with notorious Morte. Haha.

The girls:

The girls

Seafood noodles!


Clear seafood noodles


Curry seafood noodles

Tom yam:

Tom yam seafood noodles

We tried the tom yam for the first time today. It was awesome. Thick and sour.

We continued our journey to Genting after lunch.

Back seat passengers:

Back seat passengers

Staying at First World Hotel on the first night. It’s a cheapass no-frills hotel but the lobby looks really grand:

First World Hotel

Mine and Nanny Wen’s room:

First World Hotel

Outside our rooms:

First World Hotel

Everyone making use of free wireless at Starbucks! lol.

Starbucks Cafe


The mist in Genting (around 6 pm):

Genting mist


Genting cold

In the mall/amusement area:

Sheylara and Nanny Wen

Sheylara and Nanny Wen and Wang Wang

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Whee! That’s the lot of it! We had dinner at KFC, lol. And, obviously, we can’t take photos in the casino. So, that’s all!

It’s now 2 am. The guys are not done with their massages yet. Zzzz.

I don’t know how I’m going to be able to wake up for breakfast tomorrow!

A picture paints a thousand calories

So, I’m going to be mean today and show you some of the calories I collected from my weekend KL trip.

1. Seafood Curry Noodles

Located in a quiet alley in the town of Segambut, this noodle outlet enjoys a thriving business selling seafood noodles in three flavours: curry, tom yam and clear.

Curry is the hot favourite and that’s what we’ve been craving to eat since our last triip there. It’s really the best curry noodles I’ve eaten. Not that I’ve eaten much to begin with. Haha.

Each bowl is so chock full of seafood (mussels, clams, big prawns and squid) that I wanted to donate some to the goonfather. But I didn’t because it was so delicious I had to finish the bowl even if I exploded doing it.

The curry soup is literally to die for!!!

2. Fried Chicken Claw

We had this as part of our dinner in a dirty street filled with small hawker stalls lining both sides.

The chicken claw is mostly a novelty, although it does taste quite good. I enjoyed the regular chicken parts more. The stall was quite popular, too, judging from the neverending queue.

3. Satay

The taste and quality of this satay is about on par with the best satay in Singapore but there are a few special things to add.

There’s a bigger variety. Besides chicken, beef and mutton, there’s also rabbit and venison. And beef tripe. And chicken heart and liver — my favourite!

A chilli oil sauce is available for adding to the regular peanut sauce (you can mix and match the quantity) to spice up the taste. It’s very spicy but very good.

The price is ridiculously low for such good food. It’s RM$0.60 per stick!! That’s like 25 Singapore cents, half the price of an average Singapore satay! The rabbit and venison are priced higher, at RM$1.20 and RM$1.30, respectively, but that’s still cheap!

The stall is located in a rest stop along the Kesas Highway and we have to drive a great distance to get there and back but it’s so worth it we do it every time we go to KL.

This time round, we ordered 60 sticks for three of us and almost died trying to finish it. I only managed to eat 15 sticks! Guess how many the Goonfather ate! Haha!

4. McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Foldover

We drove up to Genting Highlands to eat this. I know it’s crazy, but the Genting version tastes so much better than the Singapore version because the bread is more crispy and there are more vegetables. And the patty is juicier. Like how KFC tastes better in Malaysia than in Singapore. Sometimes we drive to Malaysia just to eat KFC.

5. Hong Kong Milk Tea

This isn’t food and I don’t really want to talk about the tea, except to say that it’s really good.

I actually want to highlight the ice. This was at a Hong Kong style cafe called Prince Cafe in Mid Valley City.

Each glass of iced milk tea comes with a giant chunk of frozen milk tea to keep your drink cold without diluting it. How I love that because I hate my drinks getting diluted by melting ice cubes.

It was a huge chunk, too. By the time I finished my meal and my drink, the chunk still hadn’t totally melted.

I think all cold drinks in the world should be served like that!

I hope you enjoyed helping me count my calories as much as I enjoyed consuming them. =)