Sheylara in costume

The lines are blurring between my roles as actress and gamer. Sometimes, I’m both at the same time, which is awesome, because I get to wear outrageous costumes and play computer games on the job.

I can’t tell you anything about the job because of confidentiality issues, but the costume is from the Korean MMORPG, Granado Espada, and I’m supposed to be an Elementalist. I wish I could keep the costume! But it’s professionally-made and has a four-figure price tag. Scary.

I think I look a little silly because the costume is kinda poofy and it’s obviously European, which I obviously am not. And my hair is wrong for the Baroque-style costume, but the wig that came with the it was all ratty so the director said to do without it.

I also had the chance to play the game but, to be honest, I prefer WoW and EQ2. The selling point of GE, which is that you can control three characters at once, doesn’t quite appeal to me. I like having only one character so I can focus on her and pamper her exclusively. Haha.

But a game’s a game and playing games is always fun!

I had to take more photographs because I might never get the chance to wear this again.

I also took a group shot with the other actors.

You might notice that two of them don’t have shoes on. Pity, because it kinda spoils the look of the photo. But it was a mad rush at the studio that day because we were running late and we were all changing in and out of different outfits the whole morning.

And the only time four of us were in GE costumes and were available to take a group photo, the two just happened to have their shoes off and the crew didn’t have time to wait for them to put their shoes back on. We had to quickly take our photographs, change out, and get on with the shoot.

Well, I need to have more shoots like that!