The missing photo and the lonely iPad

Today, I will show you a picture of me pretending to use a Macbook.

Sheylara pretending to use a Macbook

I took this picture for Star Blog, actually. We were asked to photograph ourselves with our favourite gadgets.

But this photo didn’t appear in my entry. I think there’s something strange in the neighbourhood. See, the SOP is for us to write our entries on MS Word, then e-mail them to our editor, after which the team will publish them for us. (Our entries are unedited and published verbatim.)

I sometimes like to end my posts with a photo. For a while now, I’ve noticed that my last photos never make it to publication, although I never bothered to tell anyone because it’s, like, not really a big deal. It’s just one photo.

This week, I decided to end my blog with one sentence after the last photo just to experiment. And STILL the last photo didn’t appear, although my last sentence did. But you can see a space where the photo is supposed to be.

Click here to see what I mean.

See the space at the end?

That tells me that they’re not deliberately axing my last photos. It must be some kind of programming or data entry bug or something.

Any guesses?

Sheylara and her iPhone

On a side note, there was this incident once when I talked on two phones at once, looking rather idiotic as I did so. I was going to blog about it but then this week’s Star Blog topic was quite relevant, so I told my story there, instead.

I’m becoming quite the Apple fan. To think I used to get annoyed when Apple fanboys acted all crazy over Apple products. I can totally understand why now. It’s something you can appreciate only after being a user yourself.

So, I have ordered my iPhone 4 and iPad. The worldwide shortage irritates me much. Does Apple do this on purpose to increase the hype and fanaticism? I was going to wait till the stampede dies down and there are actually stocks in the stores before I buy them. But it seems my impulse got the better of me this week.

I am expecting to receive my iPhone 4 and iPad in the third week of August, when I will be away in China. BRILLIANT, YES? I didn’t in fact realise it until the Goonfather pointed it out to me.

“I’m getting my iPad on August 20!!”

“Aren’t you going to be in China then?”


We’re planning yet another China trip from August 17 till August 23. So, the 20th is smack in the middle of our trip.



It’s times like this when I feel like tearing my hair out and burying myself in the ground. Although that would technically be quite painful so I only do it in my imagination where it’s safer.

Okay, I’m done rambling about virtually nothing. I must bugger off and do some real work now.

I’ll leave you with this link again to my Star Blog entry. It’s also Star Blog chat day today (technically tonight) so see you there at 9 pm!

Partying with cute models at Nokia Connection 2008

Nokia sure knows how to host a party.

I had to hastily buy a dress and a handbag just to attend it.


[Fortunately, the dress fit]

With handbag:

[The bag also kinda fit]

I swear, it’s ridiculous how they expect us to fit anything in those tiny handbags.

People who know me know that I go around with a sports or duffel bag all the time.

[Trusty bag]

Party clutch bags are absurb.

[Clutch onto this]

Honestly! After putting my camera and handphone in, I have no space left for anything else!!

What about my wallet? What about my house keys? What about makeup for touching up? Tissue paper? Blotter? Filofax? Camcorder? DS Lite? MP3 player? Drumsticks??? (Yes, I now carry my drumsticks around so I can practise on the go.)

[Too much stuff]

I suppose you might argue that I don’t need to bring all these things to a party. You might be right, but I’d still say …*cue sinister music*… you never know.

I could invest in one of those all-in-one gadgets to combine phone, camera, video, gaming, music and organiser functions in one tiny sleek package that will fit nicely in my clutch and still leave room for my drumsticks… not.

But I still haven’t found a gadget that does everything adequately. For instance, what phone-camera-PDA-mp3-player can give me DS-standard games?

(Civilization Revolution is coming out on the DS!!)

That brings me back to the Nokia party.

I shall sum Nokia Connection 2008 up in one sentence:

Gorgeous models, exquisite food, free-flow alcohol, performances, impressive light show, immersive party venue, prizes, competitions and tons of latest and not-yet-released phones to play with!

[Party car]

Yes, there was even a BMW in there.

Unfortunately, it was such a fun and successful party that I didn’t have time at all to play with the phones much.

Yeah, so, I still haven’t found my dream all-in-one gadget to solve my handbag woes.

The party took place in giant domes at the Padang.

[Welcome to my domes]

(I took this photo from PeepShow’s blog. I hope they don’t mind!)

It was futuristic and funky at the same time. Appealed to the party girl in me! Although I’m not much a party girl since I hate wearing party dresses and carrying party handbags.

[Early lost birds]

This photo was taken at the start of the party when it wasn’t so crowded yet.

For comparison, this is about half an hour later:

[Party birds]

Back to the start of the party, after I snapped a few photos, a lady come up and said, “Excuse me, but you’re not allowed to take photos because this is a private event.”


You invite a blogger to your party and you don’t allow her to take photos! Siao lah!

Well, okay, the situation was that all photos and info of the phones were embargoed until the party officially started at 8 pm.

But there were no phones to take photos of because all the phones were covered up in large white sheets of cloth!!

So that’s why I don’t have any photos of all the wonderful food and all the wonderful drinks and alcohol. By the time the party started and I was allowed to take photos, I was kept busy partying and taking photos of the models!

Okay, brace yourself for tons and tons and tons of model photos (human and phone models, lol)!

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

[Nokia human models]

The best (or worst?) part is that this isn’t even all of them. They were literally all over the place and, after a while, I couldn’t remember who I had photographed and who I hadn’t!

I love how they all wore different costumes to match the phones that they were modelling.

The official highlights of the night were the Nokia E66 and Nokia E71.

[Nokia human models]

I had the chance to use the E66 because they were running a photography competition that night. We were supposed to use the new phone to take specific photos of the exhibits, and then, also using the phone, upload the photos to Share on Ovi, which is sort of like Nokia’s answer to Flickr.

The phones have inbuilt functions to upload directly to Ovi so it’s very convenient for camwhores.

This is what the Nokia E66 looks like:

[Nokia E66]

It comes in silver, too, but I prefer the black. It’s cute!

This is the Nokia E71:

[Nokia E71]

Also comes in black and silver.

Looks more businessy, not really my style.

At the event, they gave us a press kit comprising press releases and a thumbdrive containing hi-res images of the phones and accessories.

It’s a 2GB thumb! I have another to add to my collection now, yay!

[Nokia thumbdrive]

It’s designed in the Nokia Connection 2008 theme but I think it looks like a lighter. Haha.

A little blue light comes on when you plug it in. Sweet!

[Pretty blue lights]

Matches my CPU casing!

We also got matching shot glasses as a door gift.

[A toast to you]

No, we didn’t get any phones.

At least, I didn’t.

Oh, I should also remark that the makeshift outdoor restrooms were done up very nicely!

[Little girls' room]

[Little girls' room]

There was a very nice auntie there to hand us towels, but she was very camera shy and kept running off to hide when I whipped out my camera.

I got quite tipsy that night because the martinis were so deceptively tasty. They had apple, lychee and chocolate martinis! You just taste sweet, you don’t taste the alcohol!

Well, what can I say? Nokia hosts one heck of a party!

I didn’t ask for a DS Lite

I think the Goonfather is obsessed.

After completing his collection of all the main gaming consoles, he is now working on his handhelds collection.

And I have, by default, become his hapless accomplice.

Three months ago, in early May, he bought a Nintendo Wii, apparently for my birthday (which is on July 23rd).

And he said I won’t be getting any more presents in July because the Wii was my present.

I protested, of course.

I said, “How can I not have any presents to unwrap on my actual birthday? That’s damn sad lah! You must buy me another present in July!”

“Cannot lah!” he said, “You know how expensive your Wii is? I am broke!”

“I didn’t ask for a Wii for my birthday and I didn’t ask for it NOW. So that’s your problem. Wahahaha. Anyway, you’re playing with the Wii more than me lor,” I retorted.

“T_T” he said.

So when July came around, he asked me what I wanted.

“I need iPod Nano, Nike+ shoes and the sensor thing to train for my race in October. Or, if you’re feeling rich, I need a white MacBook.”

So, on July 23rd, he gave me a white Nintendo DS Lite.


He gave it to me on Monday night. I didn’t play with it right away because it was already quite late.

On Tuesday, I still didn’t touch it because I was busy in the day.

On Tuesday night, HE came back from work and hogged my DS Lite for the whole night.

I swear the Goonfather buys me all these expensive gadgets happily because it’s a great excuse for him to have something new to play with.

Men are kinda sneaky that way. It’s like a guy buys his girlfriend a box of chocolates and then, “Oh! You’re on a diet? I’m so sorry!! Never mind, I’ll eat them for you.”


(Note to the Goonfather: The next gadget you buy me had better be a white MacBook!!!)

But that is not to say I don’t like my Wii and my DS Lite. I love them!

Ideally, I wanted a MacBook to bring out on shoots so I have something to do during long waits. Sometimes I want to blog at shoots because by the time I come home, I’m too tired to write already. (Don’t ask me to mobile blog, that’s like, duh.)

But a DS Lite is also really good at whiling away the hours.

I’m also going to become smarter because my current favourite games are Brain Age and Big Brain Academy.

I just love mind games. (Except when I’m the victim, hahaha.)

And, because Brain Age has a sudoku section, I have also become a sudoku addict, which came as a total surprise.

I never gave sudoku a chance because I hate maths, I hate statistics, I hate numbers. When I see a puzzle filled with nothing but numbers, I’m running the other direction screaming in stark, raving horror.

But since my favourite game has a sudoku section, I gave it a try and discovered that sudoku has nothing to do with numbers and everything to do with logic. Duh.

I love logic puzzles!

So I’m like totally addicted to sudoku now that everyone else is already sick of it and the fad is dead. Haha.

The Goonfather thought I would like Nintendogs.

He actually wanted to buy me a DS last year because he thought I would love it. But I was, like, NO I DON’T LIKE HANDHELDS I’M A PC GAMER DON’T TRY TO CONVERT ME!!!

But he got me Nintendogs for my DS Lite, anyway. So I have a mini schnauzer. I love schnauzers!!!

But I can’t really get into Nintendogs. I think my schnauzer has starved to death already.


Nanny Wen needs to come nanny my schnauzer now.

So, anyway, I have to officially revoke my “PC Gamer Only” status now thanks to the Goonfather. He’s turning me into a Nintendo fan girl.

And he is damn happy because his collection (which includes my presents) is getting big.

And I’m kinda happy also because the next time we go out, I don’t have to keep complaining that he’s anti-social when he whips out his PSP when we’re at Starbucks or something. I can whip out my DS Lite! =D

But my first love will always be PC games. I’m just waiting for the next MMORPG to get addicted to!