Don’t miss another football match again


When I hang out with friends, the soccer fanatics will always choose to hang out at some stupid place with a stupid TV screen showing some stupid live football match and, like, we’d be stuck there all night!

Last Saturday, I was out with my friends. We were just hanging around, shopping, eating, the usual stuff. While we were having dinner, the perennial question came: What shall we do after dinner?

This guy friend, whose name shall forever remain a secret because I don’t want him to kill me, said, “I want to go home and watch soccer.”

What a wet blanket.

So we all yelled at him until he finally yielded. “Okay, fine, fine, I will sacrifice my soccer tonight.”


But then, he looked pretty sad all night.

I tell you, soccer fans are so troublesome. But I have a solution! Don’t say I only know how to complain!

The solution is: Choose Freedom!

Aww, what a cute doggy!

But what does it mean?

Well, let’s hear what our cute doggy has to say.

Wah! A talking dog!

No, seriously. Do you know what this means?

This means that soccer fanatics can now hang out with their pals any time they want, without having to miss any soccer matches, ever!

With StarHub TV on Mobile, you can now watch “live” TV on your mobile phone.

That means my silly friend will be able to watch “live” Barclay Premier League matches when he is out!

That’s right. He can bring his football matches with him wherever he goes! How cool is that?!

ARE YOU READING THIS, friend who shall not be named?

This also means that you don’t have to make your friends sit in a noisy pub to watch matches with you, anymore. Hah!

There’s also the news, as well as crazy Taiwanese variety shows, when you’re bored with soccer.

Here’s a list of available channels on StarHub TV on Mobile.

Football: Goal TV 1, Goal TV 2, Football Channel

News: CNN, CNBC, ChannelNewsAsia

Asian: CTI TV

Entertainment: Animax

The service is easy to use. And I know all you smart football fans will have no trouble with it.

(I’m not saying this just to avoid being murdered in my sleep. All the football fans I know are really smart people.)

The user interface is friendly and you can channel surf easily. It even comes with a TV guide so you won’t miss any important programmes.

The TV guide is really cool. The show times for all the shows in all the channels are listed clearly AND you can set your phone alarm to remind yourself to watch a particular show.

But I think my friend doesn’t need an alarm to remind him to watch football. He has an inbuilt sensor that automatically goes off when he’s needed at the screen.

I think maybe I should get it, too. It’ll be nice to watch the news while I’m outside since I always have time to kill between meetings and auditions and events and shoots.

At the very least, it would be something to motivate me to pay more attention to world affairs, a subject which instantly bimbolises me when I’m put to the test.

And I know what the Goonfather will watch if I pass him the phone. He will be tuning in to the Taiwanese entertainment channel. (And he’ll have a lot of chance to do that because he always has to wait for me when my auditions or meetings take longer than expected.)

I used to be irritated to death when he wouldn’t stop watching Taiwanese variety shows at one time. He loves them because they’re slapsticky and he enjoys laughing at people. I hate them because they’re slapsticky and I don’t like laughing at people (except at him). *lol*


I hope StarHub will bring in more channels. Like, maybe AXN or Star World or HBO or, uh, Disney Channel? Haha.

I never have time to watch TV at home, so I would love to be able to bring TV out with me!

Well, give the service a try. Maybe if more people subscribe and request, StarHub will have a reason to bring in all the extra channels!

How about paying our cute doggy a visit to find out more and to subscribe?

StarHub TV on Mobile is FREE for StarHub TV Sports Group customers, but only till May 31, 2009, so do hurry and get your service now!

(Otherwise, it’s $26.75 a month or $3.75 a day for 24-hour access.)

Figures of speech and chocolates for dinner

I thought an evening run would shake me out of lethargy, clear my mind and give me some ideas for any one of my zillion projects.

It didn’t.

On the bright side, today’s run was relatively painless. I completed my course before I knew it because my mind had been so busy working, thinking up and discarding ideas, that I hardly realised I was running at all.

Cool, ain’t it?

Speaking of bright, the moon is big and round and beautiful tonight. Is it full moon? I love the full moon. I could gaze at it forever.

Well, okay, not forever. People shouldn’t take figures of speech literally, you know.

Like when I say I want to pinch your baby’s cheeks, I don’t really mean I want to pinch them. I just mean to say your baby’s so cute I could eat it.

Oh, look, there’s another figure of speech.

I don’t really want to eat your baby, of course.

Jeez, people.

I’m eating chocolates for dinner while typing this. That isn’t a figure of speech. It’s the literal truth.

I love the freedom of being able to eat what I like, when I like.

That’s one huge reason I shouldn’t have children.

Because if my child were to ask, “Mummy, can I have chocolates for dinner?” I would start thinking how I hate to have my meals dictated and how I would hate it if someone stopped me from eating chocolates for dinner, and I would answer, “Yes, of course, sweetie.”

Can you imagine what a terrible a parent I would make??

“Mummy, can I not do homework tonight and play computer games until morning?”

“Yes, of course, sweetie.”

“Mummy, can I eat dinner in bed?”

“Yes, of course, sweetie.”

“Mummy, can I go to my boyfriend’s house and watch porn while we smoke illegal substances?”

“Yes, of course, sweetie.”

What kind of a screwed up kid would I create?! I shudder to imagine. The world would be a better place if I never had children.

Darn, I’m out of chocolate.

Of course, I have effectively busted whatever good that evening run just did me.

But that was some really nice chocolate!