Cheating in ABT class

Today’s ABT class was funny. (ABT stands for Abs, Butts & Thighs, which is pretty self-explanatory.)

Our instructor is a kooky uncle type (looks to be in his late 30s) who tries to motivate the class by throwing out random suaning comments at random people such as: “Pretend to move your board around only right? We already started doing three counts and you still moving your board.”

Nanny Wen’s name today was Pink Colour 小姐 (Miss Pink) because she happened to be wearing all pink. Mine was Blue Colour 小姐 (Miss Blue) because I happened to be wearing all blue.

“Pink Colour 小姐 don’t play cheat, move your leg higher.”

“You all har… do properly!”

“See, Blue Colour 小姐 think you all no standard.” (Because I was giggling away nonstop.)

Anyway, today’s class was also a torture. I still haven’t recovered from yesterday’s shoot and I was so tired I kept spacing out and lunging the wrong directions when we did lunges.

On a separate but related note, I WON A LUCKY DRAW PRIZE!!!!!!!!

Well, it’s not a very big prize but it’s always cool to win a prize.

Most Singapore Sports Council classes cost $65 (for 12 hours total), although there are a few $85 and $110 ones. But I’ll probably chose a cheap class because they’re more fun. Like kickboxing and hip hop dance.

The $85 classes are boring. Like yoga. Most boring thing in the whole world. I attended one yoga class at California Fitness ages ago and it all but put me to sleep. How can people do yoga on a regular basis? One class put me off it forever.

Anyway, I cheated in ABT class a lot today because I was SO tired. Which kinda defeated the purpose of even going to class. But I did get a somewhat reasonable workout and will make up for it next week.