Scared. Star Blog. Rosy skin. Poker

Just feel like chatting today.

I feel very detached from the world and need to bring myself back into it again.

Going on holiday does that. Being ill does that. Unpleasant news does that.

Stepping back into things again, even only after a few days of absence, is a scary thing. It’s like stepping out from the peace and quiet of your home right into a chaotic fish market where a hundred things are happening at once.

Fish market

You could slowly step back home again and shut the door quietly and no one would be the wiser because everything is going on without you, anyway.

There’s always that temptation to contend with.


But it is not to be. Everyone must face the fish market, mustn’t we? It’s a cruel life and yet we struggle to make something of it. Make it sweet, make it worthwhile, make it mean something. (Because the alternative is starvation, which is not a good way to die.)

On a totally unrelated note, do read my Star Blog post on vanity.


It was only published last night because I was wretchedly sick over the weekend and couldn’t meet the deadline on Monday.

I’ve been on Star Blog for 1.5 years and this is the first time I’ve “taken MC”. Haha.

In yet other news, I have determined that the air in Hong Kong and China really improved my skin significantly. Not just my face but the whole body. My skin has been so baby soft and smooth the past few days I can’t stop touching it! It also looks more radiant and rosy!

Shall be sad when the Singapore air spoils it again.

Okay, done chatting for today. I shall now leave you with a sponsored message.



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