Journal – October 15

Journal - October 15


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I’m so grateful for 5K followers! I feel like I haven’t been properly depressed since I started bullet journalling, partly because it’s fun and therapeutic, and partly because it’s harder to feel down when you feel so much love and support from thousands of people, most of whom you don’t know personally. It’s quite strange if you think about it. All the same I’ve very grateful!

Log Puzzle

We had a wood delivery today and I helped stack them in the shed while Piers wheelbarrowed them from the garage. It’s only 1.6 cubic metres and didn’t look a lot but it took us like an hour to get it all sorted.

It could have been fun stacking the logs because it’s like a puzzle, fitting the right shapes together to maximise space, but Piers was transporting them faster than I was stacking them so I had to hurry to match his speed. Otherwise, I would have been buried in logs.

He gave me a bruise one time when he tipped the logs next to me and one of them jumped up onto my ankle. Ouch.


My addiction to The King’s Avatar is getting serious! I’m now reading it during my walks and before sleeping, instead of only during meals!


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