Singapore Blog Awards 2009

We interrupt our usual programming to bring you this announcement:

Sheylara is a finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2009 and needs your help to make her a winner!

If she’s a winner, that makes you a winner because you read her blog!


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Yeah, I know, I know. I will not quit my day job to become a copywriter.

Wait, I don’t even have a real day job.

All the more I need help to win this award. Help me, please? =)

(Before I rope Wang Wang in to bewitch you all with her kawaii <3 and hee hees!)

Vote Sheylara!

This is a “vote once a day” thing. I’m sorry, I know that’s a bitch but there’s nothing I can do about it!

If you want to help me, please follow these instructions:

  1. Register at the OMY website.
  2. Go here.
  3. Click “Best Lifestyle Blog”.
  4. Click “Vote” on my photo.

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If you’re feeling extra loving and generous, please leave a comment under the blue box to mention my blog! =)

Voters stand a chance to win prizes, so there’s an incentive for you.

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Remember, you can vote once a day to increase our chances of winning, so please bookmark the page and make it your daily morning ritual to vote for me until July 31, 2009!

Thank you, all!

Sheylara <3s you!

Omy! I’m in the S’pore Blog Awards!

In the words of the now legendary Borat, “Very nice!”

(Incidentally, I found this quote online:

I’ve decided I’m absolutely sick of Borat quotes. If I hear another “High-Five!” or “Very nice,” someone is going to die.

I hope the owner of this quote doesn’t read my blog or I might die!)


So, like, I’m a finalist in the Most Entertaining Blog category of the Omy S’pore Blog Awards.

[S'pore Blog Awards]

The site navigation is a little confusing but just follow these simple steps!

Help me win this award!

  1. Click here to vote!
  2. Click on the “Vote Now” button!


  3. Enter your e-mail and choose a password on the spot.
  4. Fill in the rest of the forms and click on my picture to vote!
  5. Do this once a day to help increase my votes!


To sweeten the deal, here’s an incentive!

All voters stand a chance to win cool holiday prizes!


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I’m currently in the Top 3 position but I need your help to stay there!

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That’s me in the bottom right corner. I wish they wouldn’t use that picture, though. It’s a little outdated!

Maybe this one?


I took this picture two days ago, so it’s very, very new! Hehe!


Now, with this nomination, I feel obliged to make my blog even more entertaining in order to live up to expectations.

Not that it’s a bad thing. It has been my goal since Day 1 to entertain people. Being selected as a finalist in this blog awards validates all my efforts so far and I’m very thankful to the organisers for picking me!

Very nice!

If you’ve ever enjoyed reading my blog, please vote for me!

And help me blog about it to spread the word if you can!

Thank you, and see you in the next post! ;)