Too busy to think of title

A few days ago, Princess from the Cowboy Bar said to me, “Can you please quit your temp job?!”

“Why?” I asked.

“Your blogs were better when you weren’t busy!”

Well, I can’t help that. Who’s going to feed me if I quit my day job? And don’t say the Goonfather because it’s almost impossible to feed two people on one salary these days. Not if you want to live pretty comfortably, that is.

Anyway, the reason I took up the temp job was because I forsaw a slow year for acting. So I thought I’d better pad up my bank account while I can, in order that I may sustain a longer period of time without acting income.

But as fate would have it, after more than a month of bumming around at home, the very moment I committed to the temp job, I started getting busy in the acting arena.

Fortunately, my temp job is very flexible and I can work any kind of hours as long as I meet project deadlines, so I can schedule my temp job around my acting. The downside is that I’m killing myself in the process and my blog is suffering.

If something has to be sacrificed, it has to be the blog, since blogging doesn’t pay the bills. Not yet, anyway.

But don’t worry. I’m not killing my blog. I’ll kill it only when people get tired of reading junk and start to leave because I haven’t got time to write more quality posts. Haha.

One of the things I’m involved in right now is with NYU Tisch Asia. There’s a new module this semester on directing actors, taught by Hollywood director Rob Schmidt, who has made a few award-winning films.

I attend all the classes (six hours a week) and act for them. That is, the film students get to practise directing real actors. I love the classes! I get to learn so much while being able to play at acting, at the same time.

The campus is damn far, though. It takes me an hour to get there and another hour to get back home.

But it’s all good. No one’s ever died from being busy, so I’m sure I’ll survive.

Will update on other things when I have more time.