Make SALONPAS a fashion statement


I think this will sound a bit masochistic but I’m always excited whenever I get a cut or a scratch. That’s because I have a collection of colourful, cute plasters with all sorts of designs. They make the hurt feel better instantly!

(I’m not really masochistic okay. I still don’t like getting hurt and I don’t purposely hurt myself.)

Besides the normal kind of plasters, there’s this other kind I use for my sports injuries: SALONPAS Pain Relief Patch.


Salonpas for sports


By sports injuries I mean mild ones like aches, sprains and bruises. If, like, you fracture a bone or something, please go see a doctor, instead.

SALONPAS patches don’t come in colourful, cute designs. I guess that’s because not many people care about making a fashion statement with everything they do and wear.

But I do, so I made my own fashionable SALONPAS!

My knees hurt every time I skate. I think it’s because of the half-bending position that skaters maintain all the time. Plus my knees aren’t in tip-top condition to begin with, after long years of indulging in sports.


So this is me skating with SALONPAS on my knees:

Salonpas for sports


Salonpas for sports


And this is me making a fashion statement with SALONPAS:

Salonpas for sports


Salonpas for sports


Salonpas for sports


If you think that’s idiotic, you have no sense of humour. If you like it, I like you!

I made the words in photoshop, printed them out on normal paper, then pasted the pieces onto the SALONPAS patches with double-sided tape!

You can get creative and do all kinds of nice designs to suit your mood and clothing. You don’t have to demonstrate a nutty sense of humour like I did.


SALONPAS Pain Relief Patch is the first US FDA-approved over-the-counter topical analgesic patch in Singapore.

It’s used for temporary relief of mild to moderate aches and pain of muscles and joints associated with arthritis, sprains, bruises and simple backache.

It contains methyl salicylate and l-menthol as active ingredients!


Attractive features:

  • Thin, stretchable and flexible, minimising tension.
  • Snug fit over joint areas.
  • Improved adhesion.
  • Painless when removing.
  • Inconspicuous skin colour.
  • Penetrates quickly for fast-acting, long-lasting relief.
  • Use on many areas (e.g. neck, shoulder, back, elbow, knee, foot, calf).
  • Easy to peel off backing and apply.
  • No greasy residue after removal.
  • Now with a choice of cool, minty scent!

What a lot of features!


You know how they’ve made SALONPAS patches an ordinary skin colour so that they’re less conspicuous when wearing? Well, for some reason, people don’t like to be seen wearing plasters and patches. I guess I can understand that. People like appearing healthy and not debilitated in any way.

But I like having some fun in my life, and making fashion statements is fun, even if it may not be very practical at times.

I think my Fashion SALONPAS works just as well, even if sticking a piece of paper on a patch makes it a bit less flexible.

I can use it also when I go running!


Warming up:

Salonpas for sports


Salonpas for sports


Running gives me a backache sometimes, so I stick a patch on my back:

Salonpas for sports


Okay, I don’t normally run in such sexy gear. I’m a t-shirt and shorts person, mostly. I specially put on a sports bra to show off my SALONPAS patch.


Because this outfit goes so well with my lovely cute SALONPAS heart:

Salonpas for sports


So adorable, right? Similar to my knee patches, I printed out a heart, pasted it on the patch, then cut it up. Sure, there’s some wastage, but sacrifices must be made for art and fashion.

You can minimise wastage by choosing a different kind of shape that will use as much surface area of the patch as possible. Then you’ll get more of the medicine, too.

I actually made a pair of Hello Kitty faces, intending to use them on my knees. The Hello Kitty face shape gives very minimal patch wastage when you cut it up. But my friend says I can’t show them here because of copyright issues.

Sad. They are very cute, too. Imagine a pair of Hello Kitty on my knees!

Anyway, back to my heart patch. Even though small, I can feel the medicine working its way in and relieving pain. Anyway, my backaches aren’t too severe so I don’t need the entire patch. =P


Salonpas for sports


SALONPAS patches aren’t only used for sports pains. They can be used for daily strains and sprains.

I’ve been getting stiff necks/shoulders since young. I remember getting stiff necks as early as primary school days. Maybe I was born with a lousy neck. =(

And I worsened the situation for myself by being a gaming addict and sitting at my computer for long stretches at a time my whole life. And I mean really long stretches, like 10 hours or more, without any breaks.

Now, my neck is, like, constantly stiff. Using SALONPAS helps numb the pain so I don’t feel like cutting off my neck whenever it gets really bad.

It’s even more crucial now that I’m addicted to iPad gaming.

The iPad is very much a lap device, so that means more neck-bending when using it, which causes more strain.


Salonpas for sports


SALONPAS to the rescue!

Salonpas for sports


Cute SALONPAS to the rescue!

Salonpas for sports


This elephant was a bit harder to cut up, but it’s worth it. I love having an elephant on my shoulder!


Or how about a star?

Salonpas for sports


The best thing about the new SALONPAS, I think, is the minty fragrance. It doesn’t smell like the Chinese medicine that people associate with these patches, so you can go out wearing the patches and people will just think you’re chewing gum or something.

Of course, the fast pain relief and the ease of application are great, too. You can take them out and use them whenever needed, easily. I feel freer and do a lot more now. But I don’t rely solely on the drug. I incorporate behavior therapy, progressive muscle relaxation, body scan, mindfulness, and autogenic training. Codeine replacement works well. The successes are there and setbacks are allowed. It goes on with ultram. All the best.

Okay, I feel very inspired after this photoshoot. I shall start my running and gymming routine again soon! (Been neglecting my exercise for a while because of iPad gaming. Eeks!)

SALONPAS Pain Relief Patch is available at all major pharmacies, supermarkets, drug stores, convenience stores and neighbourhood Chinese medical halls.


Salonpas for sports


(In case you’ve only looked at photos and haven’t read a word the whole post.)

The “fashion patches” are not available for sale. They were created by me. So don’t scold people if you go to the shop and can’t find them.

And be sure to read instructions carefully before you use any medical products.


Now, wanna try SALONPAS for yourself? =)



Here’s your chance to receive a sample pack of five SALONPAS patches.

Just go to this link and submit a short note on how you would use SALONPAS!

You need to do it before October 19, okay?



All photos in this post by Justyn Olby, my awesome photographer.