3 old photos and 3 new photos

I was looking through my old photos cos I’m going to chop off a lot of hair on Thursday and need to check what hairstyles I look okay or horrible in.

While flipping through my folders, I found some holiday photos of me and Nanny Wen wearing each other’s clothes. It was hilarious. We generally didn’t like each other’s wardrobes, so it was quite a challenge.

It was an impromptu bit of fun. We were in Genting Highlands for a few days and, on our second day there, we decided to swap clothes for the day! This was in March 2007.




The main thing I didn’t like about this outfit was the top because it was stretchy skintight, had a hole at the chest (see photo below) and was turtleneck.

Turtlenecks make my face look fat and short, stretchy skintights make me look slutty, and holes at chest advertise my non-existent cleavage.

The skirt was nice, but I wasn’t into big belts, although I suppose that suited the outfit. Boots were my own cos I couldn’t fit into Nanny Wen’s shoes.


Nanny Wen


Nanny Wen was soooo uncomfortable in my outfit, haha. It was very anime-costumy and she just doesn’t wear stuff like that. I thought she looked cute enough to eat, though.

Then again, she always does!


Two uncomfortable people


Anyway, that was a stupid hairstyle I had, but bangs give me a lot of freedom and peace. With long fringes, I’m always (95% of the time) annoyed by rebellious hair getting into my face. Even if I stuff all my hair behind my ears, I have strands of hair in the front that are like three inches long and never ever grow longer, so they’re always hovering about, tickling my forehead and generally looking ugly.

Stupid hateful hair.

Anyway, fast forward.

Piers just sent me a couple of photos of us taken at his company dinner. Took them so long to release the official photos (more than three weeks)!








In other news, I’m back in Singapore and trying to not be jetlagged but it’s a bit hard when you’re staying up all night chatting with your partner because of time zone differences.

I need to cut my hair very badly. Half of it is severely damaged due to perming and colouring and dry weather in England. Cutting off the damaged parts will mean my hair will be shoulder length at best. Just nice for Singapore weather, I guess.

Anyway, looking at my photos didn’t help. I think I look horrible in all my hairstyles. My hair can’t be styled in the ways that I like because it’s stupid and stubborn, so I’m sad.

Okay enough about my hair.

We’ll see on Thursday!

Why S’pore fashion is so uninspiring

So, I bought these giant, geeky specs in Korea, thinking I would wear them in Singapore once in a while, for fun.




But I’ve been back in Singapore for more than a month and I haven’t worn them in all that time.

With that and similar experiences in the past (bought stuff overseas then didn’t feel like wearing them back home) I’ve come to the conclusion that the Singapore weather is really uninspiring for fashionista wannabes.

Your face gets greasy quickly, your curls get weighed down by the humidity so they become limp and straggly, and your body thinks you’re in a sauna so you’re sweating out toxins by the bucket.

Just five minutes outdoors in Singapore and you’re ready to go back indoors, remove every article of clothing that you’ve spent a painstaking 30 minutes to carefully match, then put on a ragged oversized t-shirt and call it a day.

I prefer dressing up when I’m overseas in a cooler climate. I feel good and comfortable the whole day, even after being in the streets for 10 hours.




But the problem with dressing up overseas is that you don’t have your full wardrobe with you. You only have what you managed to pack in your little suitcase, and maybe a few things you picked up there, which is nothing to call home about.


Little suitcase. lol.


Plus you have limited time because your friends are waiting for you to finish vaining around so you can all go out and do some touristy things before the sun goes down.






Maybe that’s the reason why Singapore can’t be a leader in fashion. Given the weather, people can’t be bothered to dress up and fashion designers can’t feel too inspired to create breakthrough looks.

And, of course, since we only have one season all year round, the stuff we can wear is quite limited.




Not that I’m trying to give excuses for the uninspired fashion scene in Singapore but, really, think about it. How many people do you know bother to dress creatively?

And when you do get people who dress creatively, if they haven’t already died from the sweltering heat, they might receive jeering comments such as “ai sui mai mia” (willing to sacrifice your life for the sake of beauty).

Between the crazy humidity and the jeering comments, it’s a wonder at all that you can even spot the occasional fashionable person in Singapore.

Sure, you can be fashionable in light clothing suitable for our weather. But sometimes you don’t even want to bother with that because the heat has already fried your brain cells and you just wanna lie down in an air-conditioned room and go to sleep, right?




After several times of buying stuff overseas and then not wearing them in Singapore because it’s too hot to bother, I’ve kinda gotten tired of shopping overseas. In my last few trips this year (Korea, China and Hong Kong), I hardly bought anything, spending most of my money on food and entertainment.

But it’s making me feel boring and uninspired. Maybe it’s time to bugger it all and dress crazy again. I’m planning to travel quite a bit in the coming year so maybe I’ll start shopping again!

Unfortunately, my body never grew up

This week’s topic is fashion!

I took quite a long time with it because I had to go dig up all my old photos and scan them. So, you should read my Star Blog entry this week because:

  1. I have 20 photos showing me growing up (or not) through the years.
  2. I explain why I wear kiddy fashion.
  3. I explain why I have stopped wearing knee socks and short skirts.
  4. You love me.





Ready for it? Click here!

Do Singaporeans dress badly?


Yay! Let’s all be armchair fashion critics now.

As part of The Great Singapore Sale 2009 (which started yesterday), Nuffnang is hosting a fun blogging contest. Write a blog entry on the topic “Do Singaporeans dress badly?” for a chance to win attractive cash prizes!

The Great Singapore Sale 2009

Details of the contest here.

You know, I would love to say that Singaporeans dress badly. (I think humans are instinctively more critical towards people closer to them.)

But I thought about it objectively and came to the startling conclusion that Singaporeans don’t dress worse than people of other nationalities.

Every country has its fair share of good and bad dressers.

And, even then, dressing is very subjective. There are times when I stare at a very ugly piece of work (for example a pair of shoes or a blouse that someone is wearing) and I’m horrified that such an ugly thing could even exist. I want to shoot the designer.

Ugly shoes
What in tarnations is this monstrosity?

But who am I to say that something is ugly? The very existence of it proves that there are people who don’t think it’s ugly. At the very least, the designer and the person wearing it both like it, and they are entitled to their opinions even if I feel like shooting them.

I’ll say one thing about Singaporeans and fashion, though. We prefer to be safe than sorry. So we wear safe clothes that allow us to disappear in a crowd. We don’t like to stand out.

There are, of course, exceptions. And then there are people like me who want to play safe and stand out at the same time. So I’m always veering between wearing boring clothes and wearing crazy clothes.

Two years ago, I started a fashion diary to chronicle my more adventurous fashion moments, also as an excuse to start dressing more boldly. It was a lot of fun.


But I don’t dress adventurously as much these days because it’s really hard to find interesting pieces in Singapore and I don’t have time to go travel-shopping, plus it’s very time-consuming to mix and match clothes perfectly.

But I think Singaporeans should all attempt it. There will be people who like what you throw together and people who hate it, but at least it’ll make our streets more vibrant and exciting.

I was at Bugis Junction a few days ago and spent 10 minutes taking photos of people walking past me. Bugis is a great place to collect data on fashion because of the wide demographics of people found there (executives, funky teenagers, auntie types, arty students).

Random peopleRandom people

From my 10-minute sampling, I concluded that Singaporeans don’t necessarily dress badly. They just dress safe.

Of course, I can’t say with certainty that the people I saw were all Singaporeans, since we have a huge proportion of foreign talents on our shores. (Which makes it even harder to judge whether Singaporeans dress badly).

But I already had a thought about this many years ago, when we didn’t have that many foreign talents yet.

While waiting for a date at Raffles City Shopping Centre during peak hour one day, I was people watching. In half an hour (yes, my date was that late), I only saw about two people wearing something bold and exciting.

Avant Garde fashion

People-watching in Singapore is pretty boring.

Of course, one problem, as I’ve mentioned, is that it’s hard to find interesting clothing items in Singapore. Everywhere you go, you see shops selling basically the same thing. And Singaporeans are busy people. We don’t have time to go around hunting for interesting stuff to wear.

And because all the shops are selling the same things, we end up all being clones (which, I suppose, contributes to the feeling of safety that Singaporeans instinctively desire).

Worse than the clone problem is the fact that people are now increasingly shopping online at blogshops that all sell the same things. With online shopping, you don’t get to try on clothes, which means that people are now also wearing ill-fitting clothes.

Online shopping

It’s quite a worrying trend.

Perhaps we should start thinking out the box. How about wearing pajamas out?

Pajamas have become a lot more fashionably delightful. I was looking around in La Senza the other day and saw many sleepwear items I would actually wear out.

La Senza sleepwear

I love pajamas and always have a large collection at home.

Sheylara in pajamas

Of course, I wouldn’t wear this out unless it’s for a pajama party. But pajamas are getting more un-pajama like so, one day, you might really see me going out in the streets in my PJs!

Generally, I think Singaporeans are alright in dressing. We just need to be more adventurous and stop following trends blindly because not all trends look good on everyone!

And I hope more shops will bring in more exciting choices!

The latest in Singapore fashion

Presenting the latest in haute couture, hot off the glitzy runway of Heartland Mall!

Spectators were completely bowled over by the creativity and free-spiritedness reflected in this shocking and innovative new design by a relatively unknown young designer, who looks set to elevate the status of Singapore haute couture.

The designer was unfortunately unavailable for comment.

But Sheylara.com followed the models backstage for a quick interview.

“What do you think of this unusual creation you’re wearing?”

“I love it!” said the model wearing the sleeveless version. “It’s so daring and at the same time fashionable!”

Said the model wearing the sleeved version, “I think it’s perfect for Singapore’s humid weather because the fabric is very thin and cooling!”