Fashion Diary #22: Black Summer

This photoshoot was done about two months ago. I kinda forgot that I had these photos lying around.

I really liked this yellow top when I first bought it.

But a few weeks after I bought it, I saw another woman wearing it. We were in the same restaurant, like, a few tables separated from each other. I don’t think she saw me because she wasn’t facing me.

After that incident, I didn’t like to wear it anymore.

I don’t know what it is with women and being seen in identical clothes with strangers.

It feels embarrassing, but I can’t explain why. It’s not rational, is it?

Maybe one of you can shed some light.

I still wear the top once in a while when I have absolutely nothing better to wear. Every time I wear it, i have this irrational fear that I will bump into that same woman wearing the same top again!

How crazy.

Hope you like the photos, anyway!

Photos by Justyn Olby

Fashion Diary #21: Pure Oasis

I’m gravitating towards simple dresses these days because I simply don’t have the time to come up with crazy fashion creations, mixing and matching too many items and risking looking like a circus freak.

So, dresses (and minimal frills) it is.

I’ve always wanted to have a dress I could wear to the beach but have never quite found the right one in all my years of searching. I think I have just found it!

This outside of this dress is a bit suede-like, you know, kinda fuzzy. Just thought that’s an interesting fact to highlight. And yes, the strap is part of the dress and does not belong to a bra, in case you’re wondering.

Photos by Justyn Olby.

Dress by Dressabelle.

Today’s Fashion Diary is sponsored by Dressabelle, a Singapore-based blogshop featuring tons of pretty dresses (and occasionally separate tops and bottoms), with new stock about once a week.

Such great timing that I found them at a time when I’m into dresses!

So, like, this time, I dragged Justyn down to the beach at East Coast Park to do this photoshoot for me (last week), and it’s like a zillion miles from his office. How nice of him!

Oh yeah, I wanted to bring a belt to wear with the dress but I forgot because I had to wake up at 6 am for the shoot and my brain doesn’t wake up that early.

Well, I think the dress turned out quite nice without the belt.

Fashion Diary #20: Little Black Dress

I haven’t updated my Fashion Diary for ages because it’s quite inconvenient for me to take my own full body shots these days.

Plus I haven’t had time to shop for clothes lately.

Plus it’s really weird when I go out and people come and tell me they know the name of my outfit.

But Justyn recently dragged me again to his studio to take some photos.

I haven’t got anything radical or creative this time because you’ve all already seen all my clothes from the miscellaneous event photos I’ve been posting in the past months.

And, this time, my picky photographer put a ban on “cute”.

He said, “Bring something elegant or else.”

So, here’s a very boring black number, no frills, for all you anti-cute freaks.

Photos by Justyn Olby.

Yah lah, I know you’ve seen this dress before. Told you I don’t have time to go shopping. Plus I don’t print money.

And just so you know, I feel very uncomfortable trying to look elegant.

And this dress is actually a little bit on the cute side, but well, at least it’s a dress!!

Fashion Diary #19: T Junction

[Photos by Justyn Olby]

By popular reader and photographer demand, I put together a “little skirt with normal shoes” outfit.

Even then, my dear photographer wasn’t entirely thrilled.

“Is this your idea of sexy-elegant?”

“You said you wanted little skirt and heels, so here’s little skirt and heels.”

“It’s too cute,” he complained.

Well, what’s new. He says that about everything I wear.

I can’t help it if I have cute tastes and elegance doesn’t exist in my DNA.

You people complain somemore, I’m going to have to start wearing dowdy auntie clothes and attempt to look 45 years old.

Fashion Diary #18: Cinnamon Roll

[Photos by Justyn Olby]

You may have noticed that I’m wearing leg warmers in the first two photos but not the last two.

Totally Justyn’s doing. He’s on a misguided mission to rid me of radical cutesy outfits forever.

When we met at the studio, one of the first things he said was, “I hope you didn’t bring big shoes and socks today.”

“No,” I assured him. “I decided to be kind to you.”

When I put on this outfit, he grumbled. “Socks.”

“Back up a little, will you please, so we can get your ugly socks in the picture.”

I protested. “They’re not ugly and they’re not socks.”

“And… where do socks cover? Foot and legs, right? What do these cover?”

That sounded logical, but it wasn’t quite right, either.

I just couldn’t figure it out because I was focused on trying to look like a dumb decorative ornament while Justyn snapped away.

(And he’ll probably tell you that I am one so I don’t even have to try.)

But I had to say something, so I said, “These are leg warmers, excuse me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said. “Big difference. What is the difference between a sock and a leg warmer?”

“The length?” suggested Mark, who was my videographer that day.

“Well, what about knee high socks?” argumentative Justyn wanted to know.

“Leg warmers are sort of loose,” I said, pulling at them to demonstrate.

“My socks are loose,” he retorted.

He just never quits.

Then, Mark came up with, “They’ve got a hole in the bottom. There you go.”

And that sort of ended the argument and we went on to debate other finer points of fashion.

We had to make a barter trade, too. He’d shoot me with my leg warmers if I also let him shoot me without.

Which was fine with me, except I think I look a little naked, a little underdressed, without them, since I haven’t got any pants on.

But that was perfectly fine with Justyn and Mark, they both agreed.

Of course.