I ish Vietnam girl =)

I got fan mail!

But this one made me scratch my head, raise an eyebrow and lose a brain cell.

Hi Sheylara,

Nice blog you have got there.
Are those cars in your Blog all from your country (Vietnam)?
Was all the photo take by you? Wat camera are you using?


This is pretty self-explanatory, I’m sure. But I still want to say it.

When the hell did I become Vietnamese?


OH. You have to see this next bit of info:

The person who sent this email is a Singaporean. I know because he included his blog URL and I went to check it out. (To protect the innocent, I’m not revealing the URL.)

How can a Singaporean not tell that I’m a Singaporean??

It’s not like I try to be international in my blogs, right? I sometimes use Singlish. I talk about Singaporean things, places, issues, people. The word “Singapore” was used in my blog titles four times in the last month.

So how, oh how, is it not painfully obvious to a Singaporean that I’m a Singaporean?


I replied the email. No answer yet. But then, it’s only been two days.

BuB, if you’re reading this, thank you for your email. It’s very entertaining.

In an unexpected twist of events, the email actually made me very happy. Two days prior to receiving the email, I was asked to audition for a Vietnamese girl role, a role I really want because it’s a leading role in a telemovie and looks fun.

How weird is that?

So, I’m happy someone thinks I look Vietnamese.

I think.