Meet Singapore’s only female drifter

Here’s another part of the DXO 2nd Anniversary celebration: Drift demos by members of Ris Culture. It was such a cool event that Channel NewsAsia was there to cover it.

The main interviewees of the day were Crist and Faith.

Faith is Crist’s wife and also the only woman drifter in Singapore. If anyone can set a man’s heart racing, it has to be a pretty female drifter!

These people are crazy. They burn the threads right off their tires and they leave permanent marks on the road. But, oh, how fun!

I was offered a ride by one of The Goonfather’s friend, who drives a Fairlady and just started drifting this year. (Which made The Goonfather super worried when I was in the car! Hahaha.) But, MAN, it was outrageously fun! Feels like you’re floating when the car is in a drifting state. Wheeeeee!

I also took some videos of the drift demos, so feast your eyes!