Encountering the NSFW toy

The other day, when I was spending way too much time reading FAIL blog, I saw this photo:

If you don’t get why this product is a FAIL, you can go read the comments, which I can’t reprint here for health reasons.

But I’m sure you get it.

I just thought it mildly eyebrow-raising but nothing spectacularly worthy of attention, so I didn’t think anymore of it.

Then, over the weekend, while visiting with the family, I saw my niece playing with this.

It sure seems to be a popular toy.

Laugh at people’s failures

Thanks to my reader Relax, I just wasted two hours of my life laughing my head off.

He recommended that I post my security camera sign photo to this site called FAIL Blog, so I went to check it out.

Then I just got stuck there, compelled to click Next page endlessly.

Hilarious photos like this:

It’s funnier if you look at the photos with people.

The Goonfather was just beside me, supposed to be reading his textbook in preparation for class (and he already didn’t have enough time to finish reading everything before class), but he kept looking up at my screen and guffawing away, which in turn incited me to laugh even harder.

Both of us became dysfuntional for two hours, laughing like crazed hyenas.

I kept scolding him. “Stop looking at my screen! You need to finish reading your homeworrk!!”

He would make a mock pouty face and go back to his book.

10 seconds later, I would hear “wahahahahahahahahahaha!” from him again, and I would turn around and he would be, like, looking at my screen again, laughing, tears almost spilling out the corners of his eyes.

Evil site, brought to you by the people who created I Can Has Cheezburger.

Here are some of my favourite ones.

Question Fail

Low Price Fail

Advert Fail

Comment Fail

Sign Fail

Traffic Light Fail

Undercover Fail

Fine Fail

Webcam Slut Fail

There are so many more, so go check it out.

I wish I could spend more time on it, but I am again busy this weekend and need to go out soon.

That’s why today’s blog entry is a copout entry (linking to someone’s site and posting pictures not my own), which takes significantly less time to produce.

I figured that since the two hours I had allocated myself to blog had instead gone to reading FAIL blog (sorry, I couldn’t resist!), I might as well blog about FAIL blog.

If you have time, I reckon it’s a great way to spend a weekend.

Happy laughing!