Sheyla the Fae

Since I re-activated my EQ2 account a week ago, I have spent more time creating and rerolling characters than actually playing the game.

After playing and deleting several characters (the main reason being that I kept changing my mind about the character’s name), and losing 80 gold pieces in the process (accidentally deleted a new character to whom I had mailed 80gp from one of my mules), I have finally settled for this one and I’m not going to reroll again cos it’s so tiresome.

I named her Sheyla because Sheylara is taken up by my main character, whom I have no interest in playing anymore but I can’t delete her because she’s a level 54 warden and level 60 tailor and I think the guild needs her once in a while.

I feel kinda sad for Sheylara. She’s now mostly a mentoring-down and tailoring mule.

Echoes of Faydwer is cool. It’s very like World of Warcraft, I suppose to lure WoW fans… which worked on me. Hah.

Okay, I think server maintenance should be done by now. Time to go!