Chat with me on SAFRA Celebritalk

Wanna chat with me, people?

Come join me at the SAFRA Celebritalk on Facebook tomorrow at 2 pm!


SAFRA Celebritalk


I will be heading down to SAFRA Yishun where we will do a “live” video streaming of me chatting with fans on the SAFRA Facebook fan page.

Whenever I think of SAFRA Yishun, I think of rock climbing. Haha. So miss it. Nanny Wen and I haven’t gone climbing since we did our Level 1 certification cos it’s a bit hard for us to coordinate our timings, especially since we’ve both been travelling a lot recently, sometimes with each other, sometimes without.

Anyway, please come join in the chat tomorrow! :) You get to ask me all the questions you’ve been wanting to ask!

But be kind, okay? LOL.

Happy Farm infects Singapore

While we were in China, the Goonfather spent a lot of time in spas chatting with young Chinese girls who work there.

He found out they’re all addicted to a farming game in QQ, China’s largest social networking site (like Facebook).

Happy Farmer

I also just found out that many articles have been written on this addcition that has swept the whole of China. People would wake up in the middle of the night to harvest crops.

(There’s also this rumour reported in the papers that a baby died because the doctor was too busy playing Happy Farm and didn’t attend to the baby in time.)

So, the Goonfather was laughing about the China girls. He was saying, “They’re crazy! They run away from their rural homes to escape a life of farming, and then they come to the city and play farming games!”

Happy Farmer

I thought that was kinda funny, too, and I laughed.

But, at the same time, I could empathise.

I told the Goonfather, “I hate cooking in real life but I spend all my time cooking in Cafe World!”

He stared at me for a few seconds, gave a big sigh, and didn’t say anything more.

Then, the next thing you know, we’re back in Singapore and getting ready to sleep and he springs up and says, “Oh, wait! I need to go harvest my crops!”


Solomon Yeow wishes me happy birthday on Facebook

After the last two disastrous messages, I thought he would have disappeared from my life for good.

I was wrong, apparently.

A quick recap for those new to my blog:

This random Facebook dude sent me a rude pick-up message one day (read it here).

I didn’t reply it.

Ten days later, he sent me an obnoxious follow-up message (read it here).

I didn’t reply that one, either.

That was almost a month ago, and I thought that was the last of it.

Then I got a “lovely” birthday message from him last night.

How sweet.

Stan was the first to know about this because he happened to MSN me around the time I got this message.

I said to Stan, “OMG Solomon Yeow sent me a birthday message in Facebook!!”

And he went, “HAHAHahahahahaaa Holy Cow!”

I observed that Solomon Yeow must have copied the message from one of those cheeky birthday greeting cards, and Stan couldn’t stop laughing after that.

I don’t care what you guys are saying. Solomon Yeow is no pick-up artist (wannabe or otherwise), he’s a ctrl-c-ctrl-v artist.

But he’s entertaining, in a way, so thanks for all the fun, Solomon.


On a similar but not the same track, my friends got me an iPod Nano for my birthday!! OMG I LOVE MY FRIENDS TO BITS!!!

I shared a birthday cake with Unker Kell because our birthdays are a week apart.

We’re both 10 years old, if you must know, you inquisitive cat.

THANK YOU Minou, Kerrendor, Wang Wang, Morte, Talin, Joey, Hevun and Unker Kell!!!

Ladies, stop getting seduced by pickup artists

Remember my recent post about this stranger who sent me a rude Facebook message? If you haven’t read it, go read it here first.

I think Solomon Yeow read my blog because I just got another message from him!

Here’s the original message together with the new message (which I received an hour ago):

OMG. Faint.

I went to check out his profile again. It seems like he has deleted all his profile info (except basic details) and all Facebook apps.

I guess he didn’t like my readers making fun of his words.

Actually, I should give him props for taking it in his stride and not getting all upset with me for creating all that negative publicity for him.

He’s a jolly good fellow and all that.

But now, I want to highlight some links that my readers shared with me, which kinda sheds light on this subject.

K shared this link. It’s a page on this site called Art of Seduction (OMG), which lists a few choice messages you should send to females who put up personal ads in places like dating websites.

Solomon Yeow copied two of these messages wholesale and put them into his message to me.

Well, what the hell is going on here?

So, some dodgy con artist is teaching guys around the world to be rude, arrogant pricks? Pardon my language. Now I’m not pissed off with Solomon Yeow anymore. I’m pissed off with these stupid so-called seduction gurus.

They’re making the world a worse place than ever!

Stan alerted me to this book called The Game by Neil Strauss, which supposedly spreads more of such evil around the world.

(Stupid Stan, stop reading these books!! :P)

Noctalis blogged about my post on Solomon Yeow and presented some research results on the subject.

He found a forum thread in which people discussed the efficiency of rude pickup lines.

I was terribly shocked to see all that.

So, Solomon Yeow wasn’t acting on his own accord. He was rude because he was taught that being rude will get him the chicks.


After learning that, I just kinda felt sorry for him.

But then, now, with his new message, I don’t know what to think anymore.

His new message is as arrogant as his first, although not as rude. I wonder if he picked that up from somewhere, too?

No, I’m not going to reply him. Anyway, he’ll get to read my thoughts here since he’s reading my blog, apparently.

Guys around the world, please stop being jerks just because some lame “gurus” tell you that it will get you girls.

I have no doubt that there are self-loathing, depressed girls who will fall for your lines, but what kind of person would that make you, to prey on weak-minded individuals?

How can you face yourself in the morning?

One day, you’re gonna have a daughter who will herself be a target to lame PUAs.

And, ladies, wise up and stop falling for rude, arrogant men.

Goodness me.

The babe collectors won’t stop

Gamer Girl Friday will be late today. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Check back some time in the evening!

In other news, I think I’d better stop blogging about Facebook pervs. It seems to be getting me even more friend requests than ever.

These people do like to torment me so. I just got this one whose friends list is scary. He’s got almost 700 friends and half of them are bikini-clad, cleavage-revealing babes. Yikes.

[can we be fren?]

I have a theory that most of these girls are actually men who created sexy female profiles just for kicks and pepper their profiles with photos of unknown but cute Japanese AV stars to lure babe collectors for fun.

Why else would they allow themselves to be collected by pervs?

One day, someone is gonna make a profession and make money out of babe collecting.

To quote Cowboy Caleb, there is no hope for the human race.