The many uses of eyeballs

Meet Baby, who is supposed to be a doll, but who is a little warped because she has detachable eyeballs velcro’ed onto her face.

Timothy (in the half-arsed Santa suit) is pretending to have a baby because that’s what actors do when they have nothing better to do.

Shuzhuang helps with the delivery because she has nefarious thoughts cooking up her pink sleeves.

She’s eating the eyeballs!

Timothy feels sick. But that’s okay because he has tissue paper for a beard, which can double up as a barf bag (or at least be used for cleaning up).

Shuzhuang finds it amusing to force Timothy into cannibalism.

Starving actors can be quite ridiculous.

When poor Baby is gone, her eyeballs become a toy.


Eyeballs can be used as earrings.

Or they can be used as eyeballs.


To decorate boxes.

Pose for pictures with.

It’s fun to play with eyeballs!

Can you come up with your own use for eyeballs?

Thanks to Sean Koh (not in pictures) for creating Baby and letting us abuse her.