Kicking an addiction by going shopping

I woke up at 12pm today, which is a decent time for me at this stage of my life.

I had planned to blog and then spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning my room in preparation of recovering from my EverQuest II addiction.

Yes, one can plan to kick an addiction. But in the process of kicking it, you need to have other things to do, hence the preparation.

For example, you can buy yourself some pretty gym clothes so you can haul ass to the gym without giving off the impression that your last visit was in 1980.

At the gym

My room had gotten really disgusting while I was spending all my free time gaming. I need a clean room to indulge in my other hobbies.

Well, so, things didn’t happen quite as planned today. I ended up spending four hours searching for laptop bags online. I wish someone would start designing pretty laptop bags. I have half a mind to start designing them myself but I can’t draw.

You don’t want someone who draws like this to be designing your laptop bags, do you?


In between shopping, one can also get distracted by hundreds of little things requiring attention. For instance, cooking in Cafe World, crafting in EverQuest 2, and leafing through newspapers.

I was alerted today that my name had appeared in Digital Life under “Top Searches”.

Top searches

Unfortunately, the top search wasn’t me. Haha. It was Jipaban. I was simply named as being in association with it.

But I’m glad that Jipaban is getting the hype it deserves. It’s an awesome site! :)

Anyway, plodding along, I finally found a laptop bag for my Alienware and a laptop sleeve for my MacBook. Both aren’t even close to what I want but they are functional and cute enough to use for now.

Laptop cases

It’s a brand called Cool Bananas from The MacBook sleeve is reversible so you can use the black or red according to your mood!

GearZap is a UK site that doesn’t ship outside of Europe so I had to go search around for a shipping service to use, which took up even more time. I decided to use Borderlinx since I’m a Citibank card holder.

So, it’s 4 pm when I’m done and I have 15 minutes to blog before getting off my chair to prepare for an event I have to attend tonight.

Of course, a moderately decent blog takes more than 15 minutes to write, so I’ll end up rushing and probably forgetting to bring something or other.

I think I’d better stop writing now.

I shall leave you with a link to my Star Blog post this week.

Why Singapore women are so desirable.

Fiona Xie

I’ll bet you have a zillion things to say about this. Hopefully good.

Chat tonight 9 pm at Star Blog?

EverFriends II: Delinquents in the guild hall

It’s always fun to have a group project, everyone working towards one goal together, whether in real life or virtually.

In EverQuest II, our group project is to buy a guild hall, a place where guildies can hang out and do many things conveniently.

It’s a massive project requiring a lot of money and a lot of time and, after a month of hard work, we finally earn the eligibility to buy the cheapest guild hall in the game.

Guild hall

The hard work never ends, though. The guild hall can be continuously upgraded and there’s weekly maintenance to be paid and amenities to buy.

Fortunately, in games, hard work is actually fun.

The first eager beavers to arrive at the guild hall at the momentous moment of purchase:

Guild hall

As we first entered the hall, everyone stood around gawking before going wild and running around the rooms, each person trying to claim rooms for themselves.

Guild hall

The Goonfather (Silvermist in the game) put a giant “ashtray” in one of the basement rooms and said, “This is the smoking room.”

Guild hall

That’s not really an ashtray, though. It’s just a very ugly fountain.

Guild hall

As we were coming up from the basement to gawk at the main halls more, we saw Kerrendor perched on the wall opposite the stair landing:

Guild hall

So we decided that Kerrendor was a better thing to gawk at.

Guild hall

More and more people came to gawk at him while he just stood there, unmoving. We waited to see if he would fall off the wall.

Guild hall

Then, seeing that he was not going to fall off, the others decided to go join him:

Guild hall

So, I don’t know what the Goonfather (Silvermist) said to Kerrendor while they were perched on the wall. Suddenly, they both started fighting and then tragedy struck.

Guild hall

The Goonfather’s tragedy, in particular. He was dead in, like, five seconds.

In the picture above, Kerrendor appears to be in a prostate position apparently out of guilt at this unexpected murder.

But I think he was just pretending. We all know his innate bloodlust very well. Later in the night, he tried to murder the guild hall hirelings for fun.

Guild hall

Hirelings which cost us a lot.

So much chaos happened that night I had a hard time keeping track of everything. And people kept messing up the guild hall.

Like, someone started putting magical piles of snow all over the place, making it snow inside:

Guild hall

The same someone also tried to disguise himself as a guild hall hireling in order to confuse people:

Guild hall

I shan’t tell you who Silverfox is. You can guess…

The hirelings weren’t very happy about him trying to steal their jobs.

Guild hall

To maintain some order, I ordered a group photo shoot so that everyone had to stay still in one position for an indefinite period of time.

Fortunately, people tend to be quite cooperative and mellow when you order a group shot. Well, most of the time, anyway.

It does takes some dedicated yelling to accomplish, at times.

Guild hall

Like, certain individuals would refuse to stay still and get in position until after you’ve yelled at them at least three times.


Guild hall

But I generally only allow everyone to disperse after we’ve gotten at least one good shot, so certain naughty individuals know that they must eventually comply or we’d be stuck there the whole night.

Guild hall

This isn’t everyone in the guild. It’s hard to get everyone online at the same time!

Which is just as well, I suppose. It would probably have taken me two hours to get a nice shot if everyone had been there!

Applying leave

It was 2 am.

We had just spent the whole night doing a tedious series of quests in EverQuest II. We weren’t done with the series yet. There was still more to go.

EverQuest II

But it was 2 am and we had to sleep. I live miles away from my parents and have no possibility to help them. The only thing I can do for them is to order medications for them: Valium for my mom and some antihypertensive for dad. I buy the drugs on They give professional consultations if needed and can deliver the medications to any part of the country. I`m very grateful for their job.

Turning off his computer, the Goonfather said, “I want to apply leave tomorrow.”

I replied, “I also want to apply leave tomorrow.”

“Ehh!” he protested, “Who you apply leave from?!”

“My readers,” I said.

“Er… okay. Leave granted!” he said.

Sheyla the Fae

Since I re-activated my EQ2 account a week ago, I have spent more time creating and rerolling characters than actually playing the game.

After playing and deleting several characters (the main reason being that I kept changing my mind about the character’s name), and losing 80 gold pieces in the process (accidentally deleted a new character to whom I had mailed 80gp from one of my mules), I have finally settled for this one and I’m not going to reroll again cos it’s so tiresome.

I named her Sheyla because Sheylara is taken up by my main character, whom I have no interest in playing anymore but I can’t delete her because she’s a level 54 warden and level 60 tailor and I think the guild needs her once in a while.

I feel kinda sad for Sheylara. She’s now mostly a mentoring-down and tailoring mule.

Echoes of Faydwer is cool. It’s very like World of Warcraft, I suppose to lure WoW fans… which worked on me. Hah.

Okay, I think server maintenance should be done by now. Time to go!