Play game also so difficult

After two weeks of deliberating, I have finally decided to quit World of Warcraft.

To return to EverQuest 2.

Hah. I couldn’t just quit gaming, could I?

I took so long to deliberate because I still think WoW is more fun that EQ2 and I still haven’t gotten sick of WoW and still very much want to play it.

But all my friends have, one by one, returned to EQ2 and I feel compelled to join them. Also, the new EQ2 expansion is kinda cool cos it has a new playable race of cute Fae characters.

How can anyone resist that?

Faes can fly around (sort of) and they can’t ever fall to their deaths. How cool is that?!

Unfortunately, I just started on a temp office job and will be working full time for the next three months. Which means I won’t have much time to play ONE game, let alone two, so I have to choose one or the other.

On a side note, I won’t have much time to blog, either, but I’ll try to blog during server downtimes, which happens every night now because of the new expansion pack.

I don’t think I’m quitting WoW for good. I still want to return to it some day. And I think I’ll get sick of EQ2 before too long. But I have to play it for at least a few months cos the Goonfather paid $70 for my Echoes of Faydwer box so I can play a Fae. He’ll kill me if I quit just after a month. Hah.

Okay. My patch is almost done downloading. TIME TO FLY.