The engagement ring

Right. It’s time for the ring to make an appearance.

Yes, THE RING. The one ring to rule them all!

No, not really.

I’m talking about the engagement ring, of course, the one that signifies that I’m silly for wanting to wear thousands of dollars on one insignificant little finger, when I could instead have bought the latest iPad and iPad Mini and iPhone and iMac all at once with that money OMG *cry*.

Why are women so stupid.

(Please don’t scold me. I am only human!)

((Actually, I did see a £16 ring once at Argos which I liked very much and told Piers I wanted as my engagement ring and he looked at me like I was nuts. Really.))

But, anyway, stupid we are. Although, admittedly, there are many smart women who don’t succumb to the evil Gollum syndrome — “We must have the precioussss!” — and I heartily applaud them for it.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those women. I could have insisted on getting the £16 ring but I didn’t! The truth is that I am always torn between my girly and geeky sides, a bit like Jekyll and Hyde, except none of my sides are evil, only stupid.

So, the short story is that Piers proposed to me using a fake diamond ring because he knew that fusspot me would never like whatever he picked, because my aesthetic sense is too weird for him to fathom. Then we would go shopping for the real ring together afterwards.

Many shopping trips later, I finally decided on this one.


Engagement ring


I actually preferred another more unique looking one (which was also cheaper because it didn’t require a bigass diamond to sit in the middle like most engagement rings do) but everyone agreed that this one looked nicer on my finger.

Okay, I was at least a little bit smart. I didn’t go overboard and make him spend $10,000 on the ring because, deep in my heart, I kind of would like him to still have money left over to buy me all the latest iGadgets (my precioussss…), since Christmas is coming! :D

By the way, it is freaking hard to take a nice photo of a diamond ring in your bedroom with a compact camera.

Fortunately, the diamond shop people had gifted me a professional photo!

I bought my ring from Vivo Diamonds in Singapore, where they custom make every purchase and use only high quality diamonds, so they say. They gave me a free lecture on the 4 Cs but, honestly, I don’t think I can tell the difference.

They promise that this photo is of my actual ring and not a generic photo of their ring samples. So, here is a photo of the photo. (Sorry, lazy to scan, so it’s a bit crooked.)


Engagement ring professionally taken photo


I also bought my wedding ring from them, after being quite pleased with their good service and nice designs. But I can’t show that one until after the wedding ceremony, which will be in June next year! It’s really unique looking (for a wedding ring) so I’m very excited and can’t wait till I can actually wear it!