I found mould in my Ego Swiss Roll

I consider myself quite lucky to have found the mould before I took the first bite out of my Ego Swiss Roll.

Ego Swiss Roll

The mould was in the middle of the roll. I could have just pulled a bit of the roll out of the little foil packet and nibbled at the top first.

(And then probably eaten the whole lot without discovering the mould because I was working at my computer, therefore distracted.)

I don’t remember what made me do it, but I ripped open the packaging to get at the swiss roll, and that was when I saw it.

Mould on swiss roll

I even did a double take because I didn’t expect to see mould on my breakfast.

I thought I had bought an expired product. My friends and I went to Jusco in Johor Bahru last night and bought a whole load of snacks.

So I checked the box. Nope, not expired. There’s still a good year of shelf life left.

Ego Swiss Roll

I opened two more individually wrapped packets to check. They were good and mould-free.

I considered eating them, but then my stomach is now maybe temporarily — maybe permanently — turned off swiss rolls. So I think I will just chuck the whole box in the trash.

Okay, maybe not permanently. I will still eat sugar rolls from Polar (yum) but I don’t think I will be touching Ego products anymore.

Maybe I should have bought some Stereo, instead.


The guys made a din at the supermarket last night, clamorously discussing how outdated the cookies were, since we’re already into 7.1 audio technology now.

Actually, it was mostly Unker Kell, who is the King of Corn of Club Morte. And some say in JB, as well.

But I didn’t get any because I was spoilt for choice.


I bought a lot of milk, though. There is this brand of milk called Goodday, found only in Malaysia, which I love. It’s a lame name for a brand but the milk is so creamy and sweet (in a milky way).

We didn’t go to JB for grocery shopping, specifically. We went there for Nando’s Chicken.

Nando's Chicken

I suppose it’s quite silly to spend three hours travelling (including the traffic jam at the checkpoints but not including the return trip) just to eat a stupid chicken meal.

But we love the chicken liver at Nando’s so it’s worth a trip once in a while.

The Goonfather’s car battery died on our way back, at the petrol station.

We tried to jumpstart Makkuro using Amelie (Unker Kell’s car) but Makkuro almost killed her in the process. Amelie’s battery wasn’t big enough for greedy Makkuro.

Fortunately, the Shell station manager came out to help. He said he’d get a bigger battery sent to the station.

We were all shocked when a highway police truck turned up and two policemen jumped out and started a Makkuro Resuscitation Operation.

Jumpstating Makkuro

It was pretty cool, actually.

Jumpstating Makkuro

While waiting for Makkuro’s saviour, we met a cute stray kitty. We were sitting around on the curb outside the petrol station when it strolled towards us purposefully. (Thanks to Unker Kell meowing at it.)

Cute cat

It was so tame and attention-seeking!

Cute cat


Cute cat

Cute cat

I passed my camera to Morte and then tried to get the cat to pose for pictures with me, but it started to lie down and wanted me to stroke it or something.

Cute cat

So I tickled behind its ears for a bit and it totally rolled over on its back and exposed its belly to me, like a dog wanting a tummy rub.

Cute cat

Morte said, “Okay, done!” and passed the camera back at me.

I checked the photos and yelled at him, “What done lah! Cannot even tell that it’s a cat! I just see a random white blob!”

The guys in Club Morte are such dongheads.

We tried again later when the cat decided to stop lying down.

But it was facing the wrong way, so I tried to get it to turn its head.

Cute cat

I scratched around its head, yoohoo-ed it, cajoled it with sweet nothings.

But it refused to turn around and look at the camera.

Cute cat

And then I tried scratching under its chin and everyone went “awwwww” as the cat went into a happy swoon.

Cute cat

Well, I guess that’s a wrap!