What the hell…?

I was doing my half-yearly ego surfing (you know, when you google yourself to see what turns up) and was flummoxed by the latest turn-up.

What the hell is this??

It looks like some kind of dictionary using random images stolen from random places on the Internet to illustrate words.

I’m fine with bots stealing my images because I have www.sheylara.com tagged on all my images to establish ownership. But how the hell is my picture an apt illustration for the word “dustily”?

There’s nothing dusty about my picture, is there?!

I’m sure my friends Elyxia and Unker Kell, who are in the picture with me, will be thrilled to know that they’re part of the elite club of “Persons Who Illustrate The Word Dustily”.

I am quite, quite flabbergasted, if you must know.

And then, there’s this one:


Who stole my picture and put it on some foreign website?

Someone tell me what that gibberish means. I hope it’s nothing naughty.

(I did run it through Babel Fish but, as we all know, the only reason people run sentences through Babel Fish is for laughs.