Miss Teen USA 2007 — what did she say??

This video is almost painful to watch. But people are intrinsically quite evil and sadistic and masochistic, which is why there are countless versions of this little clip in YouTube and millions have watched it.

My long-time gamer friend Swordplay sent me the link today and I responded with a “lol” after watching it.

It’s a 48-second clip of Miss Teen USA South Carolina answering a question at the pageant. And it’s an answer that will make your eyebrows twitch uncontrollably and make you go “huh?”.

Now, I feel quite evil perpetuating this girl’s misery by posting it on my blog, but you have to admit it’s quite funny.

It’s also painful, because she reminds me of me.

I’ve taken part in many beauty pageants and talent contests in the past and I’m sure I’ve said my share of bimbotic, senseless, incoherent words. I’m sure I’ve appeared totally idiotic during screen tests and screen interviews.

There have been countless times when I’ve gone “WTF did I just say/do??” and hit myself on the head repeatedly after an audition.

So, while I laugh at this unfortunate beauty queen, I’m also laughing at myself. Sometimes, I’m thankful that I’m not famous because if I ever am, I’m sure all my embarrassing past mistakes will start popping up in blogs, in YouTube, everywhere, because people are, intrinsically, evil and like to laugh at other people.