Being vain is a chore

In the midst of a dizzying week!

Besides frantically practising for my student concert, trying to iron out as many kinks as possible in my drum grooves, I also have tons of appointments.

Sheylara at drums

Like, everyone wants me THIS WEEK and no week else.

I have meetings, events, shoots, interviews and birthday parties, on top of my gym classes, band concert and Shape Run 09. And, of course, blogging.

Birthday cake
Three pairs of hands trying to figure out how to unwrap the protective sheet around our birthday cake.

Busy all the way till Sunday. Sorry for the lack of GGFs for three weeks. Regular service should be resuming next week!

I AM PERFORMING ON SUNDAY!! Stressed! Still making mistakes at today’s rehearsal. Ack.


Me and my band girls! I only met Jocelyn (guitarist) one month ago and Cheryl (vocalist) two weeks ago. We’ve only had, like, three short rehearsals together, due to some unfortunate circumstances.

But it’s a lot of fun (if you minus all the stress).

I think we should be able to sound coherent on Sunday. Come and support our event, okay?

This Sunday, 6pm – 9pm, at The Crazy Elephant. I still don’t know what time we’re on, though.

Fugene and Sheylara

Above: Fugene, our band director, also Jocelyn’s guitar instructor.

I camwhored in a hotel toilet yesterday. Was at Carlton Hotel for a business lunch.

I needed to decide whether to tuck my hair behind my ears or let it down for a photoshoot I was going for later in the day.

So I took photos to help me. Sometimes, photographs show you things you don’t see in the mirror.



I decided to go with tucking behind ears cos I think it makes me look friendlier.

Then, on my way to the MRT station, with the stupid wind blowing my hair everywhichway, I changed my mind and decided to go with loose hair. So I removed my hair pin.

Anyway, my outfit yesterday didn’t really go well with neat hair.

Being vain is such a chore!


I mean, seriously, I wish I didn’t care about my looks so much. But if I don’t care about it, other people will. And I’m loathe to let others do what I can do myself, because I know I can do it better.

I know you don’t really understand that, but never mind. It makes me more enigmatic if you don’t understand me all the time.

I had this for dinner on Wednesday night:

Sheylara's dinner

I was dining alone. I know you think I’m a very sad person for having to dine alone. But I love dining alone in a quiet restaurant.

It’s so peaceful. I can do my favourite thing — eat and read. I really think there’s nothing more enjoyable in the world than eating and reading!

I also really wanted to try these mini oriental burgers. This was at a Chinese eatery in Iluma. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant because it’s some obiang Chinese name.

But I will go back again and take more photos and remember the name cos the food is yummy! The above meal cost me $15. Quite reasonable!

Well, happy Friday, everyone! You all love Fridays but I hate Fridays.

I have TGIF envy.

My drumming debut… plus icky photos

I’m performing at The Crazy Elephant this Sunday!

Come and watch me!

If not, nobody will be watching me, since nobody but drummers look at drummers.

Especially if the band has a chio vocalist.

The Music Lab Student Showcase

Actually, on second thoughts, don’t look at me. I’m very unprepared and very stressed about it, even though I’m only performing two songs.

I haven’t started learning the second song yet!!

Well, if you have some time, just come and enjoy our student concert. There will be over 10 bands, each playing about two songs. And try not to pick on my mistakes!

It’s free admission but you’ll have to buy your own drinks, just like in any regular pub.

The Music Lab Student Showcase
Sunday, July 19, 6pm – 9pm
@ The Crazy Elephant
Clarke Quay, 3E River Valley Road,
#01-03/04, Singapore 179024

OMG I have no idea what to wear.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Worm food

In a bid to halt an imminent cough I could feel coming, I bought Vitamin C capsules last week.

I wasn’t prepared for what greeted me inside the box, so I plurk-tweeted it.

Redoxon Vitamin C capsules

Of course, everyone wanted to see pictures.

I’m surprised no one has seen it before. I have this impression that everyone takes Vitamin C pills because so many people advised me to take it when I was sick.

I guess people normally take chewable or effervescent tablets. I prefer time-release capsules because they’re kinder on my gastric.

So, here’s the promised picture!

Redoxon Vitamin C capsules

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this: Trays of icky worms you see in bird shops and aquariums. The brown stuff in the capsules look like the brown stuff that the worms crawl around in. Hence, worm food. Although I don’t know what worms actually eat.

Nevertheless, it feels weird eating this.

But it must work because the cough never came. And my sore throat didn’t develop into full-blown flu even though I ate durians on Saturday and potent durian ice cream on Sunday.

I’m feeling almost 100% now!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Copulating flies

Actually, the Club Morte guys used a cruder word to describe what you’re seeing in this picture below. I just don’t want to say it here.

Humping flies

Okay, I have no idea what is going on here. I just took the guys’ word for it that the flies were copulating.

(Bigger photo coming up. Don’t read on if you don’t like seeing insects close up.)

We saw these at an organic farm in Malaysia last Saturday. I’ll talk more about the trip another time!

The flies were very co-operative, allowing us to go really close to take photos. The funny thing was that they didn’t move at all in the few minutes we spent photographing and examining them.

Someone said they must be dead but they don’t look dead to me.

Here’s the close-up!

* * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * *
* * * * *
* * *

Humping flies

What do you think?

I wonder what’s that white blob between the two flies.

World’s Screamiest Person

There is, of course, no such word as “screamiest”.

But I’ll bet some of my friends will gladly testify to the fact that I’m an aural personification of that word, producing as hard evidence their burst eardrums.

Screaming, for your information, is just a way of relieving tension and stress. I can’t help it if my body’s preferred method of stress relief is screaming, can I?

For example, I was engaged in this very stressful activity yesterday.

Sure, sure, it looks like I was having fun, especially since I even had the presence of mind to smile for the camera.

But it was really quite stressful.

I was giving the World’s Fastest Drummer competition a shot.

Held at the Singapore Drumfest 08 at Youth Park yesterday, the WFD comprises two segments: Fastest Legs and Fastest Hands.

That was me on the double bass drum pedals, which explains the awkward sitting position.

You have to hit the pedals as fast as you possibly can in 60 seconds.

It’s tougher than you can imagine because, like, 20 seconds into it, your legs are on fire and you wanna smash something up in exasperation.

That was when I started to scream.

Okay, it wasn’t so much a screamfest as exclamations and yells. “OMG OMG OMG shit I can’t feel my legs anymore hahahaha OMGOMGOMG aaaaaiiiiiieeeeeeeee.”

After 60 seconds of that (I mean kicking the pedals, not screaming), you will hardly be able to walk because both your legs will have turned to water.

You have to understand that it was my first time trying out double bass pedals.

I scored 616, meaning 616 strokes in 60 seconds. Fastest in Singapore is 778. Fastest in the world is 1034.

I believe I can do a lot better if I can just channel the energy I expend in screaming into hitting the pedals. But you know me, I’m into dramatics.

I tried the hands, too. You bust your gut in single rolls on this pad for 60 seconds.

I totally sucked at it and gave up in disgust even before I reached 60 seconds. I decided that I was generally better at posing for photographs.

I scored like 300 because I wasted 30 seconds laughing uncontrollably instead of hitting the pad.

Fastest in Singapore 1067. Fastest in the world 1247.

These people are crazy lah.

I’m going to train up and take ’em on next year!

This all happened at the Singapore Drumfest 08. Yesterday was the preliminaries of the Drum Challenge Asia and Singapore Band Challenge.

I loved those drum solos performed by the contestants.

And I took photos with some of my favourite drummers in Singapore!

Brandon Khoo (who drums in The UnXpected, with Shirlyn Tan):

Well, to be honest, I’ve only seen the UnXpected perform once, a couple years ago, so I cannot really claim to know anything about Brandon’s drumming, but I’ve heard his name so often since I took up drumming that I’m starting to get the impression that he’s somewhat a legend.

Edmund of PeepShow!

Incidentally, his surname is also Khoo. Here’s Edmund doing the double bass. Can’t remember what he scored.

By the way, this is the fast hands that scored 1067, Alex Tey:


Here’s Eric, my senior at The Music Lab.

We’re both taught by Alvin Tan, who is also one of the judges for the Drum Challenge Asia.

Alvin testing the drumometer:

I don’t have a picture with him because he’s camera shy, so I snuck a picture while he was otherwise distracted. Haha.

Alvin is a fantastic drummer and instructor. He’s totally cool. And I hope he’ll be totally cool when he learns next week that I haven’t practised in two weeks due to my insane schedule. (I had to skip a lesson last week.)

The Singapore Drumfest 08 is ongoing till September. Semi-finals will be held at The Arena, Clarke Quay, on July 26.

I wonder who I will meet there next!

No more screaming, unfortunately, since the WFD competition was only for yesterday.

But I shall start training up my screaming… no, wait, I mean my drumming (duh!) for next year.

Whatever. Protect your ears!

My secret infatuation

Argh, okay, I suppose it won’t be a secret anymore after I blog about it. Damn, bloggers have got no privacy at all!

So, I am now secretly infatuated with drummers. *blush* Well, alright, it’s only secret to people who don’t read my blog. But I don’t think any drummers read my blog so my secret is safe.

Yes, I’m infatuated with all of them! Um, okay, maybe particularly the good looking ones. A girl has to be discerning where she directs her infatuations.

It all started eons ago when I watched a Metallica tour video and noticed Lars Ulrich, who is not really good looking but his drumming more than makes up for it — he’s like the god of drummers.

[Lars god of drummers Ulrich]

Even now, after so many years of listening to Metallica, my heart still skips beats listening to him play.

So I’ve always sub-consciously enjoyed good drum grooves but never thought to take lessons myself until recently when I got influenced by Rock Band, which I know is a freaking lame reason to pick up any musical instrument, but that’s how it goes, so I am suddenly paying more attention to drummers. (I used to only have eyes for Lars.)

I saw this band on Monday night at Nokia Connection 2008 (an event which I will blog about another day because there’s so much info and photos to sort through)!

[They had so much fun]

After a cursory photo of the whole band, I zoomed in on the drummer, whose name is Edmund.

[He had so much fun]

He is so cool!

He’s using black Vic Firth signature drumsticks, how cool is that??!??! It is so cool!

[The audience had so much fun]

His drumming posture (I dunno what else to call it) is so cool. I mean, seriously, I have no other word than cool. Cool says it all, I’m sorry.

Edmund’s like the best-looking member of the band, so like I took a video! Heehee!

The Goonfather is going to kill me, of course, but… don’t care lah. If he can have his infatuations on cute Korean girls and Angelina Jolie, I can have my infatuations on drummers! Hehe!

Oh, video!

I didn’t catch him at his best moments but I was really quite busy at the event and this was the only moment I was available to stand there and watch.

The best part of it is that he’s entirely self-taught! I don’t know how these people do it!!!! How can anyone teach themselves to play like that?

I’m not in any position to critique drumming, so I shan’t comment on his skill. But I think he looks good and sounds good on stage, so it’s all good!

Apparently, all members of the band PeepShow are self-taught! Can you beat that? I am totally flummoxed. (I JUST FELT LIKE USING THAT WORD!)

Go check out PeepShow’s profile and blog and support the band because it’s cool to support local acts and these boys are actually pretty good (great music and great showmanship)!

[Hiding from the meepits]

They won some band contest in 2005 and have just released their first EP, which got good reviews in TODAY and Time Out. You can buy their album at HMV!

Best of all, they’re all so friendly and down-to-earth!

Yes yes yes… I spoke to them later that night (well, particularly Edmund, because he approached me because he saw me unabashedly taking videos of him). AND I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT TO TAKE A PHOTO WITH THEM.

(I did have a photo with a couple of Nokia models, of which there were TONS that night. Look forward to seeing them in my next blog entry about the event!)

[Smiley people]

(I feel so short and dowdy sandwiched between them. And I’ve got that silly Nokia lanyard name tag which guests had to wear. I mean, it’s a nice lanyard, but it doesn’t quite go with my dress that night.)

So I forgot to take a photo with the band, bummer. (I think I had six too many martinis. There was a really mean martini bar at the event.)

No I’m not turning into a groupie. It just sounds that way. I’m not, really.

I’m just infatuated with drums! And drummers.

Maybe if I ever get as good as them (I mean the pros), I’ll stop being infatuated. Right now, they’re all amazing to me.

Until then, though, it’s costing me an arm and a leg to get there. Make that two arms and two legs. $50 a week for lessons + $50 a week to practise at the studio ($5.50 an hour).

That comes up to more than $400 a month!! I don’t even make that amount of money some months (told you I’m poor)!!

I think I’m going crazy. =(