Meet Singapore’s only female drifter

Here’s another part of the DXO 2nd Anniversary celebration: Drift demos by members of Ris Culture. It was such a cool event that Channel NewsAsia was there to cover it.

The main interviewees of the day were Crist and Faith.

Faith is Crist’s wife and also the only woman drifter in Singapore. If anyone can set a man’s heart racing, it has to be a pretty female drifter!

These people are crazy. They burn the threads right off their tires and they leave permanent marks on the road. But, oh, how fun!

I was offered a ride by one of The Goonfather’s friend, who drives a Fairlady and just started drifting this year. (Which made The Goonfather super worried when I was in the car! Hahaha.) But, MAN, it was outrageously fun! Feels like you’re floating when the car is in a drifting state. Wheeeeee!

I also took some videos of the drift demos, so feast your eyes!

Night of fast cars and, uh, models?

[Warning: Tons of photos! You might want to let them load first.]

For the benefit of people who have not been following my blogs and therefore don’t know of this event, here’s a brief: DXO celebrated its 2nd anniversary on 16th June 2007. Part of the celebration involved a convoy of Singaporean and Malaysian drift cars proceeding from Downtown East to arrive at DXO to wow party goers.

So, here we were at Downtown East. We were asked to park our cars here for five hours in the afternoon to make the resort look good. (Downtown East and DXO are managed by the same organisation.)

This car belongs to Crist of Ris Culture, the drift house that organised this part of the celebration.

I think it’s kinda trippy to have a drift car parked in a building full of kiddy themes. Sesame Street, Elmo. Haha. Incidentally, there was a Cookie Monster and Elmo show going on at the same time.

Here were the early birds of the convoy.

The Goonfather and I were late but we were still early. Duh. Singaporeans (and Malaysians) have no concept of punctuality!

So we went shopping at White Sands because Downtown East was too full of screaming kids.

When we returned later, the place had filled up quite a bit.

Strangely, none of the drift car owners brought stunningly sexy partners. I was looking forward to taking pictures of them but there were none!

I asked The Goonfather why and he said, “Bring girlfriend how to attract girls?? You drive a fierce, fast car, you don’t bring girls, you wait for girls to come to you.”


Sad to say, I have to admit he’s right. Hahahahaha.

So here’s a picture of a stunningly sexy wannabe, instead.

Hahahahaaha. I didn’t really mean that.

All the car owners were given Ris Culture t-shirts and caps to wear. They gathered for a group photo just before moving off.

And then, off we went! It was quite exciting to be in the middle of 30 impatient cars revving their engines in anticipation. Here’s a video clip of the start of the procession.

The drive there itself was pretty uneventful except for a few minor things. People gawking at the convoy from the side of roads (funny), the procession at Orchard Road was sloooooow because of the Saturday night traffic jam, and Makkuro (our car) got cut off from the main body at one point because of stupid traffic lights.

But we all managed to arrive at DXO together. There were video cameras and a huge crowd waiting for us as we drove past the DXO entrance. Channel NewsAsia was covering the event, but I don’t think they’ve reported it.

From there, we had to proceed on to park at Esplanade’s underground carpark. How anti-climatic was that? There was a long wait at the carpark, I don’t know why, and finally we were allowed to park and join the party upstairs.

A row of about six show cars had been pre-parked just beside DXO to impress the public.

But nothing to see here. I was dying to go inside and pee.

The party started slow. There was nothing going on except this pair of graffiti artists showing off their art.

So, while we waited for the guys to get us our free drinks, there was nothing to do but take photos of ourselves.

We noticed many groups of girls also camwhoring themselves. It’s funny how self-photography has become a trendy social activity. I mean, girls (and some guys) derive huge amounts of pleasure doing this for hours. Holding a camera as far out as their arms can manage to snap a picture of themselves and their buddies. And then doing it again and again and again, not forgetting to giggle at each picture as they take them.

It was getting quite silly, so I decided to stop taking pictures of myself. I saved my memory card for the fashion show that was about to come.

Except that when the show started, I didn’t know whether it was worth my effort to continue taking pictures. Here are some of the better “models”.

The guys… well, the guys looked like they were forced to do this. Most of them walked with a slouch, with a half-dead-half-sullen look on their faces.

This guy took the cake because he walked really funny, too.

There was only one girl out of the 20 or so models who impressed me. She’s pretty, sexy and energetic!

After the fashion show… POLE DANCING!

Judging from my previous blog’s comments, most of you didn’t like the performance, either for the girls or the music. But I personally think it’s not bad. I thought the music and choreography were good and the dancers were quite pretty. They just need a bit more practice, that’s all.

If you haven’t watched the video clip, it’s here.

At the end of two hours (minus interruptions), the graffiti artists were done!

The art is quite nice, I suppose, only I can’t make out what that green thing is supposed to be.

Anyone can tell?

All performances were done by 10:30pm, which was when the public was let into the club to party! I didn’t party much because Nanny Wen and Porky left early to play mahjong (deserters!) and I didn’t really know the drift people.

We hung out for a bit at the VIP area where a “top secret” drift car was showcased. How the hell did they bring an entire car into the disco?

It was being used as a beer table. Hahaha.

The Goonfather and I left quite early. Around midnight or so. I was tired and starving. Not quite what I expected of a partying night, but the event was interesting on the whole.

DXO 2nd Anniversary Party (The Goonfather pimps his ride)

Meet Makkuro Kurosuke.

I named the Goonfather’s car after the cute sooty dust bunnies invented by Hayao Miyazaki. These cuties can be seen in My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away.

We had racked our brains for weeks trying to come up with a nice name for the car when I jokingly suggested “makkuro kurosuke” because I have a makkuro dangly dangling on the rearview mirror. The name stuck and we started calling him Makkuro for short. (Makkuro’s a he and not a she because I think he looks cheeky, which reminds me of boys.)

Anyway, Makkuro looks like this right now.

Ahhhhhhhhh~~! Poor Makkuro.

He’s been pimped up for this coming Saturday’s DXO 2nd Anniversary party.

Part of the celebration involves a drift car convoy starting from Pasir Ris and culminating at DXO where a “top secret” drift car from Japan will be unveiled. Here’s more information about the party if you’re interested.

I’m more interested in talking about how Makkuro got pimped.

He was invited to be part of the 35-car convoy organised by RIS Culture, a drift car club, to celebrate DXO’s birthday. In exchange for free entry and free drinks, Makkuro has to wear sponsor logos for two weeks.

It hurts my eyes to look at him now because I think the colours of the sponsor logos clash and the decal placement is messy.

But some of the pimped cars actually look quite nice. A few cars out of the 35 have giant DXO decals on them.

Makkuro is jealous because he wants to be covered in DXO, too, but the people at the decal workshop gave him a windscreen DXO, instead.

The workshop people wear orange and use little pink hairdryers. Cute!

Makkuro is really charmed to be blown by a cutie pink hairdryer.

A Takumi (Initial D) wannabe is also part of the convoy.

Recognise the tofu shop sign? I like when Trueno owners put that sign on their cars. It’s funny and makes me smile.

I took a photo of myself with the cute tofu car in the background because the Goonfather is a lazy ass who hates taking photos for me.

We spent like two hours at the workshop waiting for Makkuro to finish getting pimped, so what else was there to do but take pictures?

Anyway, I hope the DXO party will be fun and worth two weeks of eyesoreness. There will be a drift performance event a day after the party but I can’t go because I have a shoot! Duh. I hate when bad timing happens.