Fashion Diary #6: Funky Punky

Day 6

Name of outfit: Funky Punky


Destinations: DXO 2nd Anniversary @ Downtown East and DXO

Notes: This was quite a tricky one because I had two very different places to go to. Today was DXO’s 2nd Anniversary celebration and we had to hang out at Downtown East (resort) in the afternoon to gather the drift car convoy, and then proceed to DXO (disco) at night.

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this blog.)

So, I had to wear something suitable for both venues. I decided that shorts and boots were the best compromise. As for the top, I think it’s casual, yet funky enough for clubbing. Besides, I wanted to try on my new black starry necklace and thought it would go well with this top in particular because most of my other tops veer towards sweet, white and pink.

Yeah, I know it’s the same top as my previous outfit, but it’s worn differently!

(Full report on the celebration coming up once I’ve had time to sort out the photos and videos. Stay tuned!)

Fashion Diary #2: Rustic Kitten

Day 2

Name of outfit: Rustic Kitten


Destination: BlogOut 2007

Notes: Well, the invite said to come in party attire, so I thought I’d better wear heels instead of the dirty sneakers I’m so fond of these days. I’m also very fond of knee length socks, which go nicely with heels to neutralise the elegance that heels give. (I hate looking elegant. It makes me feel yuck.)

I also know that people aren’t going to turn up at a bloggers’ event in party dresses despite what the invite says, because this is Singapore. (And I was right, too.) So I went for casual clothes with my party heels.

Public Reaction #1: What’s with the hair? Act cute ah?
Public Reaction #2: Little girl, are you lost?
Public Reaction #3: I’m so sorry, but your outfit is so special. That’s why I couldn’t stop staring.