Do you want to know my dreams?

I always wonder… do people like hearing other people’s dreams? I mean literal dreams. The ones you get when you’re sleeping.

Because I don’t.

People usually only tell you their dreams when it’s something fantastical or incredibly weird. There’s no point otherwise, is there?

So, the problem is that I don’t like listening to stuff that is not real.

Like: “So, I was running in this forest, frantic to find my way out because I’m kinda lost and there’s this monstrous mutant unicorn on my tail. Then, suddenly, I trip and I start falling through this tunnel made of marshmallows and do you know what greeted me when I landed? Megan Fox wearing a maid uniform!”

I mean, that’s maybe a bit cool and all but IT’S NOT REAL. I just don’t have the patience to listen to something that’s not real because… well, it’s not real.

Watching movies or reading books is different because those are entire experiences. There are proper beginnings and ends, there are good-looking actors, you experience cartharsis in feeling for the characters.

Dream stories are just random nonsensical tellings which don’t really move me.


I suppose my requisite for listening to, reading or watching something is that the telling must move me in some way. Either make me feel happy or sad or make me laugh like mad.

Dreams don’t usually do that.

An exception is when someone dreams about me, then I want to know all about it (unless it’s obscene) because, naturally, I want to gain an insight on what that person thinks of me, right?

So, I’m curious. Is it just me? Or do you actually like knowing what other people dream about?

I’m asking this now because this week’s Star Blog topic is about our most memorable dreams, so I’m wondering if people would want to read that.

If you do, you can read it here:

I was forced to kill my boyfriend.

If not, tell me why!



I dreamt that I dreamt that I was eating some very amazing Danish butter cookies (those we can’t find anymore, or I don’t know where to find the good ones).

I dreamt that I woke up craving butter cookies and was happy to see an unopened packet from a CNY hamper.

On my way to grab it, I got distracted by other things, as dreams go, so I didn’t eat it.

Then I woke up and realised that it had all been a dream and there are no butter cookies.