A truly disgusting dream

*Post might contain disturbing, gory content. Read at your own risk.

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I had a disgusting dream this morning about this crazy woman who tried sewing up her own tummy to “lose weight”.

In my dream, she showed me how she used a thick needle to poke into her skin, and then out again, in and out, making a row of stitches on her tummy with thick brown thread. It was hard work because her flesh was kind of tough so a lot of strength was needed to poke through it.

She didn’t seem to be suffering any pain and she wasn’t bleeding (although I think there was a bit of pus) but it grossed me out, totally.

The little hairs on my nape and back were still standing five minutes after I woke up.

What the woman did made zero sense but, hey, it’s a dream. In the dream, it sort of made sense.

I hate when I dream disgusting things. But it helped wake me up quite early this morning, about 9:30 am.

I got to work on Gamer Girl Friday the moment I woke up (okay, after I brushed my teeth and checked my e-mail) and have been working nonstop since then, eating meals at my desk.

So, the reason I’m posting this now instead of GGF is because I am facing some technical problems, lol.

One of my videos suffered an upload error at YouTube at the tail end of a four-hour upload so I HAVE TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN.

I’m right now re-encoding it at a lower quality so that the next upload won’t take as long. But it’ll still take ages.

Lots of videos this issue.

That means GGF will have to be delayed till tomorrow because the videos are taking forever to upload.

Hah. That’s the reason for this post.

Happy Labour Day! (What’s left of it, anyway!)

Suffering an epic nightmare

I’m actually too busy to blog today. Between moving house and my new editorial work and entertaining the Goonfather’s rubbish, I’m lucky I even have time to have nightmares.

But I don’t want people to get upset if I miss a day blogging, thinking that I’ve been abducted by aliens or something equally nuts. So, here’s a quickie!

Once in a while, when I’m stressed out, I get what I call epic nightmares. These involve a drama or adventure that play through my entire sleep and have themes of death and violence.

Like, there was this time I dreamt about being trapped in a haunted house with my friends. It took us forever to escape and we encountered endless horrible things in the process.

Or this other one about an ex-boyfriend trying to kill me so I had to kill him back but no matter how much I slashed at him, he refused to die.

Last night/this morning, my nightmare was about witnessing a group murder in broad daylight, in full view of hundreds of people, after which a revenge took place involving the attempted murder of the original murders’ instigator, after which I was made to witness gory interrogation sessions, during which I cried and cried to the point of exhaustion because I couldn’t stand seeing people get hurt, after which I became some kind of special agent sent to investigate the crimes.

The dream gripped me so tightly that I didn’t wake up until past 2 pm.

I had gone to bed around 4 am and set my alarm for 10 am. But when my alarm rang, I was so deep in the dream that I didn’t hear the snoozes till 11 am, and then I was so groggy and spaced out that I turned the alarm off and continued sleeping/dreaming.

I hate when this happens.

I’ll bet if I were still 16, my parents would ban me from playing video games. Haha. (But it’s not the games lah. I haven’t played a violent game in ages.)

Do you get epic nightmares, too?