Death by alcohol… and other things

I have to stop being a glutton for punishment.

I signed up for a two-day filmmaking crash course (nine hours each day) which cost me almost $400.

That, of course, is not the story.

The story is that class started 9 o’clock this morning and I gave myself only two hours of sleep, plus a mild hangover.

Aftiel called us out of the blue (after a few years of MIA) and asked us to go drinking last night.

Cannot say no, right?

Roomful of Blues was half filled with gamers last night. Bet you didn’t know that many gamers are alcoholics.

I had a great time reminiscing the crazy times we spent in-game together. I laughed so hard all night I thought I was going burst an appendix.

It was also great meeting new people and sharing scandals about their WoW guild leader, while said guild leader sat in front of us and gave us murderous stares.

Incidentally, we discovered quite by chance that yesterday was Christina’s birthday. So Aftiel got her two flaming somethings to down, and then forced her to play five-ten with every single one of us, turn by turn, for three rounds. Loser had to drink one Aftiel-sized shot of Chivas on the rocks. We knocked down half a bottle within 20 minutes.

Christina was quite traumatised but she turned out to be quite the hustler, winning at most of the five-ten matches.

I don’t know who came up with the idea of causing death by alcohol for birthday peoples. Isn’t it oxymoronic to celebrate life by killing yourself?

So, anyway, attending a nine-hour crash course right after a drinking party is not a very good idea.

Not good at all.

Today’s class was funny and interesting, but I dozed off a few times (only for short bursts). Damn stupid lah… pay money go sleep.

But after tomorrow, I will be a certified Hollywood Film Institute graduate and boast of having Quentin Tarantino as a fellow alumni and be equipped to make a feature film and get it shown in cinemas within eight months (or so the course promises). Impressive or not??

I find it somewhat hilarious.

It’s possible, actually, but I don’t think I’ll do it. I’ll wait for the other students to do it and cast me in their films.

Today’s blog is very boring, I know. But I think I’m entitled to a self-indulgent pointless post once in a while. I’m so zombified I can’t think straight.

And I still have homework to do!! Which is to watch a Hollywood film. *lol* Some homework!

I miss WoW and EQ2 and DAoC and even SWG! Yeah, like anyone’s gonna care.

Have a great weekend, whatever’s left of it!