Is being ugly a crime?

I’m constantly amazed at the cruelty and lack of empathy in human beings.

Yesterday, a friend sent me a link to a forum thread where people are making fun of a couple with looks that do not fit into society’s norms.

Read it here.

Some of the jokes are quite funny. I have to admit I laughed.

I laughed because some posts are creative, although I felt a little ashamed for laughing at other people’s expense.

But there are posters who are downright malicious, saying things like ugly people shouldn’t be allowed to get married.

These people never stopped to think for a minute that it could have been them, did they?

People can’t choose the features they were born with. How could a person be blamed for being born less than perfect?

These horrible people are the ones who drive some women to plastic surgery

These same horrible people probably also thrash plastic surgery, accusing people who’ve had surgery done for being fake and having low self-esteem.

Hello? Where did you think that low self-esteem came from?

How can people be so shallow and hypocritical and dumb?

Next time, when these people go around spouting cliches like “Be confident in your own skin” or “Love yourself just the way you are”, I hope they also remember the times when they laughed at or insulted people whom they thought were ugly.

The world could do with less judging and double standards.