Random food notes

The Goonfather complained that my recent post about The Pizza Place gave him a monster craving, so he dragged a whole bunch of us there again tonight.

The Chicken Royale is still as yummy as ever.

We also discovered that the Double Cheeseburger is to die for.

It tastes just like a cheeseburger with the added bonuses of being awfully juicy and having a sweet tang.

We almost died eating all the food, though. Between eight of us, we scarfed down three large pizzas, two plates of pasta and one big snack combo platter.

Look at this:

What can you observe from the picture?

That’s right. The unwritten law of food etiquette: No one should take the last piece of anything until it’s been sitting there for more than half an hour untouched.

And another bit of useless random info: Don’t eat the pizza crust so you can pack in more of the yummy insides.

Oh, were the insides yummy, indeed. There were many happy faces tonight!

It’s been five hours since we ate and I’m still feeling full.