My epic crush on the Prince of Persia

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I think I’m in love… with the most devastatingly charming prince of all.

Prince of Persia

I kinda hate when that happens, cos it means I’m going to have to buy the Blu-ray once it’s out, just so I can watch it multiple times.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is an epic blockbuster that is truly epic. It has epic actors, epic costumes, epic set designs, epic music, epic action and it gave me an epic crush on Prince Dastan (played by Jake Gyllenhaal).

Prince of Persia

At the start, he’s just another good-looking character so it was like, okay cool.

But as the story unfolds, a girl can’t help but be swept away by his mischievous smile and floppy hair. He is at the same time goofy and charming, all the while sporting deadly muscles that glisten in the ever-present sun.

Prince of Persia

The movie originates from a popular classic videogame series of the same name, so the plot will be roughly familiar to gamers who have played it, although they shouldn’t expect the movie to be faithful to the game. Changes had to be made for the screen adaptation.

The movie follows the successful formula of a typical romantic adventure story. There’s action, there’s romance, there’s conflict, there’s humour, all well-executed.

In the mystical land of Persia, dashing Prince Dastan meets enchanting Princess Tamina (played by the gorgeous Gemma Arteton) as a rival but is forced to be her ally against a greater enemy: a cataclysmic disaster that would spell the end of the world.

Prince of Persia

At the heart of it all is the magical Dagger of Time, an exquisitely carved dagger that holds all the powers of the universe, allowing its bearer to control and reverse time itself.

I couldn’t recommend this movie enough. There is not one boring moment, I swear. I was riveted the entire two hours.

Well, don’t expect a Pulitzer prize-winning plot. It’s a Disney movie, after all, not an art-house film. The aim is for the audience to feel good and I felt good after watching it, especially when it’s spiced with a liberal dose of humour, which kept a smile on my face throughout.

(Except during one instance when Nanny Wen screamed in shock, causing the smile to be shocked off my face. But only for a while because laughter at her soon followed.)

There’s a lot to marvel at in the movie. The sets are gorgeous and the scenery breathtaking. The action is heart-stopping. As in my heart almost stopped at the sight of Jake Gyllenhaal’s muscles rippling as he leaps off tall buildings or plunges swords into villains.

Prince of Persia

The discipline of parkour (navigating obstacles by adapting one’s movements to the environment), which has been so beloved in the game series, is faithfully represented in the movie. Expect an abundance of nail-biting stunts as the characters tear through a busy city full of walls and buildings.

The CG is amazing. CG is getting so good these days it makes me glad I live in this era. The awesome, shimmery effect that happens when the Dagger of Time is activated is pure candy for the eyes.

Prince of Persia

Wanting to gawk at more pictures from the movie, I poked around in the Prince of Persia website and discovered some fun things to do, such as this photobooth:

Prince of Persia

Haha. You can put your face on Princess Tamina’s or Prince Dastan’s body. There are also couple shots where you can upload you and your partner’s photos!

1) Use the photobooth here.

Also, try the video jigsaw. It’s SUPER COOL. You have to fit the pieces together while the images in the pieces are moving!

Prince of Persia

I really enjoyed that.

2) Play the video jigsaw here.

I love the movie so much I’ve downloaded a Prince of Persia wallpaper. This is my favourite!

Prince of Persia

3) Download cool wallpapers here.

I’ve also “liked” the Disney Studios Facebook fan page. I’ve really enjoyed all the Disney movies that I’ve watched, and I’ve watched many!

Prince of Persia

4) Like Disney’s Facebook Fan Page here.

One more thing. Twitter!

Prince of Persia

Yay, Twitter! Here’s where you can learn all the trivia behind Disney movies, with Prince of Persia being the focus right now, of course.

5) Enjoy interesting trivia on Twitter.

Gosh, I don’t think I can wait for the Blu-ray. I must catch it again in the cinema! Soooooon!

Going to Disneyland with Mickey

I’m the happiest girl on earth!

Tomorrow, I’m going to Disneyland for my first time ever, courtesy of Hong Kong Disneyland!

Hong Kong Disneyland

In honour of this happy event, I bought Mickey Mouse luggages! I bought a large and a small one. Minou also bought a small one!

Mickey Mouse luggage

I’ve actually been eyeing them for a long time (few months) but kept resisting because they’re so expensive. Comes in three sizes and the listed prices are $400 (S), $500 (M) and $600 (L). Crazy, right?!

But each time I passed by the shops that carry them, I couldn’t help staring wistfully.

After a few months, the luggages were still sitting there, so I figured I could try and bargain more because they might want to “clear stock”. So expensive, only crazy people will buy lah!

After some hard bargaining, I finally got the large one for $400 and the small one for $250! Still expensive as luggages go BUT IT’S MICKEY MOUSE.


Mickey Mouse luggage

Going crazy with anticipation!

We’ll be staying at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and treated to the Star Guest Program, which sounds cool! Because each room can accommodate four, I’ve invited three other people — the three lucky loves of my life — the Goonfather, Minou and Elyxia. =D

Tell you all a secret!

The Goonfather is a huge huge huge Disneyland fan. He visited the one in the USA and has been trying to drag me to the Hong Kong one for ages but I’ve been too poor to go. Hahaha… so unexpected right?

Anyway, this is a really wonderful surprise!

I’m going to buy lots of Disney merchandise home! That’s why I need that giant luggage. Heheh! And the great thing about travelling with a male partner is that you can leech his luggage allowance. Hahahahaha.

Mickey Mouse luggage