Bloggers have fun with HP TouchSmart PC (and camwhoring)

I’ve got another long, dizzy day ahead of me, so this is going to be a pictorial.

Yet another blogger party! Hosted by HP last night, we were given a sneak preview of the latest HP TouchSmart PC.

It’s a full touch screen PC. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Design and interface very sleek, reminiscent of the iPhone. Very fun to use. Will impress the chicks if you’re the sort who likes to bring ’em home.


Nic scrolling through photos with his hand.

HP product manager showing us how to reduce and enlarge windows.

Kinda like digital post-its.

This was fun! I wrote this note directly on the screen, which explains the lame handwriting. It was a weird angle to write lah!

You can also draw pictures. But I don’t know who would want to draw pictures on the screen with their fingers. I mean as a regular hobby. It’s okay if you’re doing it for the novelty.

The screen where all your notes get displayed. Can you see mine?

Nic’s right hand playing touch screen chess.

Me and Precious posing in front of the HP TouchSmart PC.

Michael and Peter filming a segment for The Geek Goddess Show.

Estee interviewed me about the “post-it” thingies! I hope Mic trims away all the bimbotic parts.

Oh no! I have no photos of Estee!

Free-flow food and alcohol at Brotzeit, VivoCity! Nic and Precious dig in.

Me, Nic and Precious.

Me and Nicole.

Our photo on the TouchSmart!

One of the HP reps decided to upload our photo onto the PC to demonstrate some of the photo features.

Dragging borders to crop a photo.

Crop size decided.


Later in the day, some smart person decided to make us a wallpaper.

We’ve been wallpapered.

The screen looks a bit dodgy because of the reflection of the lit glass cabinets facing the PC.

Peter gets wallpapered next!

This is a funny picture! It’s a photo of Peter posing beside the PC, which then got uploaded onto the same PC and set as wallpaper.

Someone thought it was funny to give him clocks for eyes.


We couldn’t stop laughing!!!!!!

Peter with normal eyes

So here’s Peter posing with the PC displaying a wallpaper of him posing with the same PC.


Having more fun moving Peter’s features around (not me!).

Desktop shortcut for eyes!!! LOLOLOL.

Me and nadnut together with our Pimp Daddy, Daryl.

Jerrick, DK, me and Daryl.

What a fun party!

These parties are killing me. Heh.

Not enough sleep. =(

Sorry if I haven’t replied your comments or e-mails. So busy I’m hyperventilating!