Babysitting the bestie

I haven’t disappeared! Still here, but extremely busy spending time with my best friend Wen (I used to call her Nanny Wen but I think that nickname is old now, so I need to think of another one) and her boyfriend.

They have come to England to visit me and Piers, although not so much him, I think, heh, because Goofy Wen and Piers bicker all the time, disagreeing with each other’s accents and food choices and lots of other miscellaneous things.


Mandatory group photo at Corfe Castle, Isle of Purbeck
Sightseeing at Corfe Castle, Isle of Purbeck


So, anyway, can’t blog much until they leave because they’re here for only a week more and we have PLACES TO GO and THINGS TO DO, as if we’re very happening people!

But we’re not, really. Silly Wen fell asleep at like 9:30 pm on a Saturday night; she’s useless after a glass or two of wine. So the rest of us just watched TV and then went to bed. Tsk!

Business will resume once they’ve gone and I’ve recovered sufficiently from the trauma of babysitting The Wen.

Toodles for now!


A day at the Cathay


How do you make an ordinary day of window shopping fun?

You bring a camera and a crazy friend!

Introducing: Nanny Wen (more commonly known as Davienne), my partner-in-crime for crazy adventures!

Nanny Wen aka Davienne

I suppose she doesn’t need an introduction; you all know her already. What she really needs is a slap because she’s always losing things, but that’s for another discussion.

Today, we shall discuss having fun! Specifically, having fun at the Cathay, a very fun place to be at!

(You know it’s reeeeally fun because I used the word three times in one breath!)

First, a stopover at Ben&Jerry’s for some energy food.


Nom nom nom…

Nanny Wen aka Davienne

I like how Ben&Jerry’s has live performances. No one was performing when we were there cos I think they only have it at night, so I asked the Ben&Jerry’s staff for permission to fool around with the stage equipment and take photos!


Since yonks ago, the Cathay has had the reputation of being a cinema pioneer. Well, it still is, of course, but it is also a shopping mall today, and one with lots of cool shops!

For example, I was immediately attracted to this awesome shop called forest n trees.

forest n trees

It has designer knick-knacks (great for gifting, I think) and a little nail salon right behind this impressive wall that makes up half the shopfront.

I didn’t take photos of the salon cos there were customers having their nails done and I think it’s not polite to take photos of people when they’re having their nails done, lol.

So, Wen and I, after gawking at the merchandise, posed for a self-timered shot. I had to prop my camera on the arm of that red sofa you see in the above picture!

forest n trees

I suppose the angle is a bit weird but you can’t have too perfect shots when you’re attempting to snap and be in your own photos at the same time.

I gave Wen a tough job after this: Photographing me in a dance studio!

It’s tough because there are mirrors all over the place and the photographer has to avoid having his/her own reflection caught. Haha.


Well, I think she did a decent job, anyway.

We had popped by at Jitterbugs for a visit. It’s such a cool, glam-looking place. Makes me wanna sign up for classes!


I’m thinking pole dancing. I really want to learn that! I know some people have bad impressions of it. But, hey, it’s a dance, an artistic expression, a form of exercise. It’s what you do with it that should matter, and not what has been done with it. Fire has killed people so are you going to say that fire is bad?

Moving on!

The Cathay

Nanny Wen fancies herself as some kind of journalistic photographer so she was, like, trying to take “behind-the-scenes” photos of me walking and stuff. Haha.

The Cathay


That’s why I enjoy hanging out with her. She does the cutest things!

I dragged her next to Black Alice, located in a more obscure area on the 4th floor of the Cathay. It’s a Lolita shop. My favourite kind of fashion!

A photo with the shop assistant, who was very friendly and accommodating.

Black Alice

She urged me to try on some of the dresses and take some photos but I had to decline because I was having a bad hair day and felt it wouldn’t do justice to the Lolita clothes.

But we tried on some head bands!

Black Alice

Black Alice

It was quite fun. I didn’t want to leave the shop!

But we had to leave eventually because I wanted to get some gaming done at E2MAX.


E2MAX was fun because Nanny Wen is a gamer like me. At E2MAX, you can enjoy PC and console gaming, as well as UFO catchers!

Gazing yearningly at giant Stitch:


Nanny Wen posing instead of playing. She’s very good at dropping whatever she’s doing to smile at the camera:


There’s also a bar that serves refreshments, and a cosy curtained corner for a bit of privacy.


I tried to do another self-timered shot with Wen, propping my camera on the TV.

At the last minute, I saw from the reflection on the TV that she had covered her face with a cushion, which made me laugh.


So I had to run off to set the timer again and, this time, I forcibly removed the cushion from her hands, the result of which is her pouty face.


Silly girl!

Anyway, that’s a lot of fun for one day!

If you find yourself having nothing to do one day, why not grab some friends and head down to the Cathay for some mad fun? (If you want to act crazy and take photos in people’s shops, please ask for permission first.)

You can plan your itinerary for the day by checking out the Cathay website, which shows you what shops there are and what promotions or events are on.

The Cathay

The shops are conveniently labelled by level or by category (Fashion & Beauty, Food & Beverage, Lifestyle, Entertainment & Leisure, Services and Others).

As you can see, quite a lot of stuff can be done there. Two events coming up soon!

The Cathay

As is trendy nowadays, the Cathay is now on Facebook! Join as a fan to receive the latest updates on promotions and events, as well as take part in mini contests.

The Cathay

We stayed there till late at night, and then Nanny Wen had to go back to the office to work. CRAZY GIRL.

The Cathay

Guess who’s that posing crazily in front of the building?

No prizes for guessing correctly. But go join The Cathay Facebook Fan Page and you might win something in the next contest! =)

Travelling with Nanny Wen

I’m home!


Funny how being overseas kind of warps time. And I mean even nearby overseas.

I’ve only been away for a little over 24 hours but it feels like days. Maybe because every time I go overseas, I’m stoned from lack of sleep.

My computer is still not fixed so I’m still using Fluffy. I don’t really like using Fluffy to blog cos I need my dual screen to work my pictures and get a better sense of the progression of my text.


You know the pink border I use for my pictures? They look white on Fluffy. So, like, if the colours on my photos look funny, I won’t be able to tell.

Anyway, this has been a crazy trip.

Nanny Wen and I had a lot of fun getting each other lost.

Both of us have the same bad habit of not paying attention to where we go because we like to follow people.

Sheylara and Nanny Wen

I don’t know about her but, for me, it’s because I’m always lost in my own thoughts and can’t be bothered with something as mundane as directions.

Yesterday, at Changi Airport, after we went through the departure checkpoint, we started searching for a place to sit down and have breakfast.

As we walked, we talked, and didn’t really notice where we were walking. We kind of started following each other. But I think I was following her more because breakfast was her idea.

We came upon an escalator and went down it. Probably because the escalator just happened to be there.

And we found ourselves at the arrival checkpoint.

Sheylara and Nanny Wen

After some oh shits and embarrassed giggles, we turned around to go back up the escalator, but the escalator was only downward travelling!

More oh shits.

I made a face at her and said, “I don’t want to travel with you anymore!”

She reminded me that I say that all the time but I still continue to travel with her.

I suppose it’s nice to have someone to strangle once in a while.

But she was very sweet and emptied a soft-boiled egg for me today so I forgive her.

Nanny Wen

Anyway, after a bit of panic, we found a staircase that we could go back up on. Wen had to clumsily lug her suitcase up the long flight of steps. Haha. I was carrying a giant tote bag on my shoulder so it wasn’t that bad.

Hmm… I took too many photos today in Kuching and they won’t all fit in one post cos it’ll take me like 10 hours to write.

Will talk about our adventure at Kenny Sia‘s new fitness centre in a separate post!


Princesses in the jungle

When Kenny Sia met up with Nanny Wen and me after our 10km jungle/mountain race, which was advertised as a “Nature Challenge”, but should have been named “Suicide Mission” instead, he couldn’t stop laughing his ass off.

Thanks to her jungle tweets.

Nanny Wen's tweet

Nanny Wen's tweet

Nanny Wen's tweet

He laughed till he was red in the face. He was incredulous. “Didn’t you girls know what you had signed up for?”

No. The answer is no. I had asked and asked and researched. But no one could tell me and there was nothing on the Internet which told us what was in the trail and what to prepare for.

I mean, I had a more realistic expectation of the challenge than Nanny Wen did, but the actual experience far exceeded my wildest imaginations.

Kenny was dying of amusement.

Kenny Sia, Sheylara and Nanny Wen

But he was also very proud of us because he said our trail is more raw and challenging than Mount Kinabalu, which he had climbed.

He called us princesses in the jungle because he had an image of us as city princesses with nice clothes and makeup, so it really amused him to imagine us roughing it out in a perilous jungle.

Anyway, I can’t blog about my jungle experience yet because I’m waiting for photos. I didn’t bring my camera for the race and I’m glad I didn’t, even though I wish I had.

So, today, I’ll talk about some random stuff that we did in Kuching.

First photo taken upon landing:

Sheylara and Nanny Wen

We were hosted at Four Points Hotel by Sheraton, which is only minutes away from the airport.

That was our first and last taste of city princess treatment. We shared a nice big room with a nice big bathroom that featured a rainforest shower (which didn’t work or I am too retarded to make it work).

Four Points Hotel

Nice, funky stuff in the room.

Four Points Hotel

Dinner was the hotel’s continental buffet. It was truly welcome because I was starving!

Sheylara and Nanny Wen

I only managed to take two photos of the food before I was stopped by a waitress.


The restaurant has a no-photo policy. Which was just as well, since that meant I could get on with the food.

After a filling dinner, Kenny took us out to dinner.

That wasn’t a typo. We had two dinners that night.

But first, we made a brief stop at The Spring, which is Kuching’s biggest mall. (Kuching only has two malls, according to our tour guide.)

The Spring, Kuching

It was raining and I took this photo from inside Kenny’s car.

We spent about 15 minutes in there, enough time for Nanny Wen to buy a cheap towel and for us to give the mall a once-over, and then we headed off to a hawker centre.

This was our after-dinner dinner:

After-dinner dinner

For three people.

Kenny Sia, Sheylara and Nanny Wen

Everything was so good!

I feel bad that Kenny always pays for our meals when we visit Kuching, but he refuses to let us pay, claiming that he is always pampered and not allowed to pay when he comes to Singapore, so fair’s fair.

The yellow drink is freaking awesome. It’s like a mango milk concoction with lychee. I need someone to make me that in Singapore!!

Nanny Wen does really sillly things. She bought a cheap towel at The Spring to use during the trip, right? We were going to stay in a longhouse on our second night and we assumed towels wouldn’t be provided. (We were wrong, but we still used our own towels.)

On our last day in Kuching, I spotted something on her towel which I hadn’t seen earlier.

Nanny Wen's towel


It’s the freaking price tag. She used the towel for three days with the price tag still attached.

Nanny Wen's towel

I wonder if she even realised it was there.

Our pilgrimage to the famous kucing in Kuching:

Kuching, Cat City

On our last day, Kenny took us out for breakfast. We had Sarawak laksa and soft-boiled eggs and kaya toast.

Sheylara and Nanny Wen at breakfast

The eggs were so huge!!! And the toast was so nice!!! It’s a little different from the kaya toast in Singapore. It’s a lot more, I dunno, organic and authentic than the commercial Ya Kun variety. I mean, Ya Kun is nice and all, but eating the ones in Kuching fills me with nice, happy feelings.

Kenny Sia's thumb, with eggs

I ate a LOT of toast. I had Kenny order a second set after I finished the first set and my laksa.

Sarawak laksa

I’m gonna miss the food again!

By the way, I skipped two days of events because they’re kinda long so I’ll blog about them another day.

Yay! Kenny just commented on an earlier post!

Kenny Sia's comment

See, I wasn’t lying. He can’t stop laughing!!! He’s still laughing two days later!

Okay, look forward to my mountain race post! Nanny Wen just told me that her colleagues asked her how come when she told them the story it doesn’t sound treacherous at all.

Hopefully, I’ll get some photos that can give you an idea.

If not, I’ll go back there again one day and take photos.