Bikini babes dancing at the beach

I was at Sentosa last Saturday and chanced upon a beach party at Cafe del Mar. I never knew Sentosa was so happening!

Took some videos. Enjoy!

I will be talking more about my adventure in Sentosa soon. This is just a teaser! ;)

It took me about eight hours to make this stupid video because splicing all the separate audio tracks into a coherent whole was a bitch. You will never know my pain unless you’ve done it before!

After I finished editing the whole thing the first time, the file got corrupted before I could render the video, so I had to DO IT FROM SCRATCH AGAIN.


I swear I hate editing videos.

But completing a video feels good.


Remember to scrub your face at least twice a week to get baby smooth skin!


Gamer Girl Friday will be delayed this week because I am terribly terribly behind in all my paying deadlines. Thank you for your patience!