The 3-year-old boy

I know people are expecting to read about my experiences as a wannabe nursery teacher but, really, at this point of time, it’s just lectures and lots of reading.

The good news is that we start going on job placements in about two and a half months’ time so I might have more stories to share then.

The bad news is that we’re not allowed to photograph children in nurseries. All students (and I expect staff) have to sign confidentiality agreements.

That means you’ll have to put up with my crappy drawings.


Crappy drawing


We sometimes do get to talk to the kids at the nursery. Bournemouth Montessori Centre has nurseries on the first floor and classrooms on the second floor, so we sometimes encounter kids on the way to and from classes.

One morning, a three-year-old boy was standing right in front of the baby gate which we have to pass through to get up to our classroom.

He was chilling out or something, I don’t know. He had his back facing me so I couldn’t tell what he was up to.

I walked right up beside the boy and said to him, “May I pass, please,” fully expecting him to stare at me blankly, or even cry. (I have this insane fear of causing babies to cry.)

To my surprise, he smiled at me brightly and said, “Yes, you may!” Then he promptly stepped aside.

I quickly recovered my shock and said, “Why, thank you!” as I unlocked the gate and let myself through. He stood there and watched me with a grin on his face.

Just as I was done locking the gate, he started telling me something. I wasn’t sure what he said. It was a long sentence, about twenty or so words. I’m quite sure he was saying something sensible and not just spouting baby talk. It’s just that I’m not so good at deciphering kiddy accents yet.

Not wanting to traumatise him by saying I didn’t understand him, plus I really had to get to class, I just said, “Thank you for telling me that!”


The boy


He smiled as I bade him goodbye.

“Good bye!” he said back.

As I went up the staircase, I looked down again and this precious three-year-old was still watching me with a happy smile.

“Bye!!” he said again, waving at me vigorously this time.

If I can bottle cuteness, this boy is going into my bottle.

But it seems that he’s not the only one. Many other kids in the nursery seem to enjoy interacting with students who pass by, as my classmates also report similar encounters.

I’m really looking forward to working with them for real. I just need to brush up on baby accents!

If Agnes doesn’t make you go “aww”, you’re not human

I am officially conferring the “Cutest Thing in the World” title to Agnes from Despicable Me. I don’t think I’ll be the only one to do so. The precocious 3D-animated girl has stolen the hearts of audiences all over the world.

I’m deadly serious when I say I’ve never seen anything quite as cute as Agnes. I mean, I go “awww” at cute things pretty often since I find many things cute.

But Agnes is on a separate level altogether. She’s the absolute deity of cute. There’s nothing that could possibly compare in cuteness to her. Which is why I felt compelled to do a hasty montage of her cutest moments. (Pictures all taken from the Agnes Facebook fan page)

Agnes from Despicable Me

I could just eat her up, SHE’S SO FLUFFY!!!

If she doesn’t tug at your heartstrings (especially when you’re watching the movie), YOU’RE NOT HUMAN.

So, if you haven’t watched Despicable Me, I will tell you now that Agnes alone is worth the price of admission. She is worth the price of at least three admissions, in fact, because I am planning to watch the movie at least two more times.

This YouTube clip I’ve watched about a gadzillion times. It’s a good thing the Goonfather loves Agnes, too, or he’d kill me for playing this clip nonstop every day.

How can anything be THIS cute? It’s inconceivable!

When I was watching the movie in the cinema, the lady sitting next to me wouldn’t stop going “awwww” every time Agnes did something cute. It was mildly annoying, but I could empathise with her need to express her love for the little tyke, so I forgave her and didn’t make a fuss.

Agnes ought to have her own movie. She ought to have her own TV series. She ought to have her own talk show!

She is infinitely cuter than Boo from Monsters Inc. And I did like Boo very much, almost buying a Boo doll.

There’s an Agnes doll already on sale, but it’s not cute. Doesn’t look like the movie Agnes. Very disappointing, that. =(

Happily, the little actress who provided the voice of Agnes is also a cutie herself. I don’t know if I could handle it if Agnes’ voice were to come from a less-than-cute person. Maybe that’s rather shallow, but cute must go with cute, no?

Elsie Fisher

Okay, I’d better talk a bit about the movie itself. I suppose it’s entertaining enough. It’s got a good story about villains trying to take over the world. The pace is fast enough so it doesn’t get boring. And it’s got cute little critters in it that look like medicine capsules.

But I wouldn’t watch it if Agnes weren’t in there, because it would be just another children’s cartoon show and I’m not really into 3D animation cartoons in the first place.

Now, I know some of you are going to come up with some lame theory about how my gushing over Agnes means my maternal instincts are kicking in so that means I need to have a baby or something.


Nothing could be more wrong than that.

Because, now that there is Agnes, there could be no other! I mean, I know there is no possibility of me (or anyone) ever having a baby that could come close to being as cute as Agnes, so, you know, it’s not going to work. If I ever had a baby, I’d want to trade it in for Agnes. But that’s not possible, is it? So, no baby. Nope.

There. I’ve said it. Now go watch the movie! Again! =)

These kittens will cute you to death

They’re YouTube superstars. They each have over 1.4 million views.

Honestly, I couldn’t have imagined such cuteness existed before I first saw this video.

Awwwww. This kitty will steal your heart in a heartbeat.

I’ve never actually heard of Munchkins before. I wonder if we can find any in Singapore.

Through this video, I also found another breed which I’ve never seen or heard of, which is totally as cute as the Munchkin, if not cuter.

The Scottish Fold.

Aaaaah the eyes, the eyes, they kill!

It looks like a Gremlin! And it apparently fits onto the palm of your hand, too.

I so totally want either of them!

By the way, I image googled munchkin and scottish fold. These two kitties in the vids definitely win all prizes among their breed.

Whee! We got a Wii!

Today is show and tell day. It’s going to be lots of show and little tell because…

Iiiiiiiiiiit’s a Wii…..!


*big smile*

Apparently, the Goonfather had planned to buy me a Wii long ago. He was just being evil by buying his PS3 first. But who cares, I got my Wii! Wheee!

Look how cute it is!

He said it’s my birthday present, even though my birthday is almost three months away. Which is not fair, because then I won’t get anything on my birthday, will I?

Well, we’ll see about it when my birthday arrives. Hah.

Wii gloves!

It’s supposed to say “Wii” on the back of the gloves when you put ’em together, but you have to flip the photo around for it to work. Otherwise it’ll say “iiW”, instead.

[flipped photo]

Pink gloves! OMG OMG OMG. I have white and pink Wii gloves! Wii is soooooo cool I can’t get over it!

See how the gloves says “iiW” when you don’t flip the photo around?

But that smiley thing is cute, anyway.

Here’s me holding the Wii remote (called the Wiimote) and the Nunchuk, pretending to play.

Lastly, irrelevant random picture. The Goonfather bought me some pink candyfloss. I don’t know what for, since I don’t really eat that stuff. He’s weird.

Okay, and now I’m going to hibernate with my Wii until the year 2017. See ya!

Kidding. Probably gonna hibernate until 2008 only, the most.

Of kids and cuteness

I got through yesterday with only three hours of sleep. We had played Runebound till 4 am and, after my friends went home, I surfed the net/blogged until 7 am.

Woke up at 10 am to get ready for a birthday party.

The last time I saw Mr Cute Personified was when he was, like, a day old. I had looked forward to attending his party because he looks so cute in his invitation card.

At the party, I sat in a corner for the whole two hours. Justyn (proud Daddy) tried to be the perfect host and came over to rile me up a bit.

J: What are you doing sitting in a corner? Go and mingle around.
QY: It’s what I do at parties. I sit in a corner.
J: You’re impossible.
QY: I’m anti-social.

I like to think I fill a very important role at parties. What’s a party without wallflowers? The popular ones can’t shine as brightly without them, can they?

But I did get off my butt long enough to grab food and to take a picture with cute birthday boy in his cute Japanese suit.

It was a great party where I enjoyed being a wallflower at. There were goodie bags prepared for the kids. I JOKINGLY told Justyn I was a kid and that I just had abnormal cells that made me taller than I was supposed to be, so I needed a goodie bag, too.

And, horrors, he told his wife to give me a goodie bag (which had a “The Incredibles” mask in it, among other things) and they wouldn’t let me leave without it.

Oh boy.

Next stop for the day: Bone marrow donor drive at Bishan Park II.

More kids!

There was a balloon man who made balloon weapons for the kids to fight each other with.

(Some kids, unfortunately, didn’t get weapons and got pwned.)

We also took a picture with Jaywalk‘s friend, Chrissy, who’s one of the organisers of the drive.

(Some kids just keep getting pwned.)

I was very pleased with my Pristine Sword of Purity, so I got the nice balloon man to make me another in black so I can dual wield. He said I was a scary kid.

Got meh?

After we left the event, we had some time to while away before dinner, so we went for a drink. Everyone had coffee or tea, as usual, except Kell, who had iced horlicks. I think he was in competition with me yesterday for “Best Kid Imitation”. Or perhaps Kell is really a kid.

With indecisive blood (hiak hiak hiak).

Despite his nickname.

Which I better not name here for fear of brutal murder.

I didn’t have coffee or tea because I don’t like. And, since I was a kid yesterday, I ordered “sparkling ribena” (with 5% alcohol).

That was a mistake because I was already quite stoned (having only had three hours’ sleep) and the alcohol only made me sleepier.

Still, I soldiered on because we had to pick Nanny Wen’s Pork at the airport in the night. Nanny Wen wouldn’t stop singing in her too-loud kiddy voice while we played Runebound two nights in a row because she missed Pork so much. Then again, Nanny Wen won’t stop singing all the time, regardless of Pork’s location.

Nanny Wen is actually the undefeated kid champion.

To while away more time, we went shopping and I bought three used books for $5.50. How cool is that?!

I normally rent books at a rental price of $4 – $5 per book. The books I bought yesterday were for sale at $1 – $2 each. The “Cheap Sale” section had mostly crappy books and teenage romances, but I found these three that didn’t look too bad. And I don’t even have to return them.

After welcoming Pork back to Singapore, we headed to our favourite coffeeshop for drinks. (No more “sparkling ribena” for me.) We all had teh-o iced limau while the guys talked about computers (yawn) and the girls played with the coffeshop kittens.


I could melt from all that cuteness.