Another WoW-less night

Tonight is no-WoW night but I’m not in the mood to blog like I was planning to, so I’m just going to do a quick show-and-tell for non-WoW players.

The other day in WoW, someone was selling this ring.

It’s called The 1 Ring.

I thought that was really cute.

So I examined it to see what powerful stats it would have, and this was it:

I so love the sense of humour in WoW.

There’s also this item called Moist Towelette.

And the description:

There’re a lot more funny things in WoW, but I haven’t really thought about starting a funny collection, so that’s all for tonight.

WoW players, feel free to share all the humorous, witty things you’ve come across.

Thank you for reading!