A Chinese Wedding — The Funny Parts

Before you do anything else, load up this video first. You can read the rest of this blog while it loads and then come back when it’s done.

(It’s funnier if you watch it without the streaming pauses. And turn on your speakers.)

This was last weekend. We celebrated the wedding of Kerrendor and Minou (actually Justin and Jennifer but I like to use their EQ2 names).

We, the sisters, had to be at the bride’s place at 5:30am to prepare for the arrival of the groom and his brothers.

The preparation was really fun because we were making breakfast for the boys.




Wang Wang does a smell test.


And we’re all set!

We also prepare a surprise for the brothers.

Hmm… a hat?

The brothers arrive and are fed their breakfast.

Hahaha! What a sabo we created!

(“Sabo” is short for “sabotage” and is used as a slang to denote an action which could range from a friendly prank to downright betrayal.)

Kerrendor (the groom) was able to escape eating our breakfast because his family custom does not permit the groom to eat yucky stuff on his wedding day due to it being inauspicious.

So we made him answer ten questions about the bride. Difficult questions like what’s her favourite lipstick and what she wore on their first trip overseas together.

For each question he fails to answer correctly, one of the brothers would have to eat one item of our lovingly prepared breakfast.

The idea was to make him sabo his brothers so they would all want to kill him!

Wahahahaha! Evil!

He failed all the questions!!


After breakfast was the entrance fee haggling. The groom has to part with an obscene amount of cash before the sisters will open the door to admit the brothers.

Well, what happens after this is all in the video so I’m not going to write about it.

But the bride and groom finally met.

And we took some group photos. Here are all the brothers and sisters!

And me!

OMG this is very tiring.

I’ll have to continue this tomorrow because I already spent half the afternoon editing the video and pictures.

Watch out for A Chinese Wedding — Hotel Havoc tomorrow!